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Since time immemorial, this particular concept has developed in the lives of men and embedded itself in him to form part of his being. He carries it wherever he goes even to the grave. But I strongly believe that worries and problems are subjective rather than objective.

When you are able to control your subconscious mind and your the way you see life, you will never be angry or be worried about anything in life. This I thought was practically impossible. But after reading some psychologist and philosophical books about the human mind, I came to understand that whatever name you baptise the events of life with, that they will take and will be realised in the practical aspects of your life. One of these books that baffled me most was “The Game of Life, and How to Play it.” Look critically at those things you see as problems or worries in your life, you are the cause why they are what they are because that was the name you gave them. The moment you allow the words of people and events around you to have full control on you, then you are like a remote control or like a porous vessel. There was a day someone insulted me while I was trying to do him a charity. It wasn’t only that he rejected my charity but he insulted me on it. Maybe he misunderstood my intention. Before leaving his presence, I thanked him and left. People who were around were the ones who became angry on my behalf and were mad at him. They wanted to tear him apart. What I said to myself after the incident was, “Tony, bless this young man. See in him the image of the Divinity. You don’t know what he is passing through at that moment or before, and remember, it was only a charity which could be accepted or rejected.” Instantly, I became happier than even before the incident. I never allowed the thought to control me or make me sad. A few days later, I was completely nonplussed about the whole thing. There were many instances in my life that I have applied this principle and it worked perfectly for me.

When you are been provoked or faced with an unpleasant experience, you have the choice whether to allow the situation to control you or you control it. The choice is yours to make, whether to be angry or remain in the state of mind you were. Since you are free to make a choice, then why can’t you go for the positive one rather than the negative one that will tear your apart. Believe me, the power lives in you. The power to baptise every situation in your life. The baptismal name all depends on you. And the names you give them, these they will be in your subconscious mind and reflect in your real life. I am not obliged to be angry when you provoke me or when unpleasant things are happening in my life. Since I have the power to baptise them, then I can make a choice whether to be controlled by them or I been in control of them. I repeat, you are the cause of your problem. Think about it.

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Appreciation they say opens the door for more blessings. My sincere gratitude goes to you all my readers and followers for your time you have sacrificed and still sacrificing in reading my post. No matter how insignificant my appreciation may be, please, accept it for this is the best I can offer. Thanks once again for everything. You all are really making me proud of what I am doing. God bless you all. Good night from Rome, Italy.

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Joy of motherhood

Women are strong. They are bold and courageous. God made them in such a way that in them, His most hidden plans for humanity will be revealed. They have the heart of the Creator. In fact, they took after the Creator. Today we celebrate them in Nigeria as today marks Mothering Sunday. Mama, we love you and we pray that you live long to continue to eat the fruits of your labour.

The first day I saw her cried was like a film to me. “Mama why are you crying?” I asked her. “I tried many times but I didn’t succeed. They all wish I go to school, ” she told me. I didn’t understand what she was saying. A few days later, the true picture of the story was unveiled to me by my father. But today she is proud to have given birth to an engineer, a microbiologist, a priest, a linguistic, a public administrator, a biologist and a pharmacist, and a professional secretary. Her joy was completed in her children.

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Misericordes Sicut Pater was the theme I met at Rome in 2016 and it was used to conclude the then extra-ordinary Jubilee year of Mercy issued by his Holiness Pope Francis; its translation run “being merciful like your father”!
The above theme summarized perfectly well the liturgy of the word celebrated today: 4th Sunday of Lent, where we are called to be merciful as our heavenly Father is.
The story of the prodigal son in Lk15: 1-3, 11-32 which forms the Gospel of the day is to be effectively meditated upon. This parable speaks for itself. In it we have three characters: the sinful son, the merciful/ forgiving father & the unforgiving elder brother. Sometimes in our daily lives, we may notice the traces of the three characters in us; yet we are expected to imitate only one of them which has nothing negative in it: that of the merciful father. The prodigal son gave his father the highest shock of his life when he demanded for his own share of the property while his father was still alive. This is because in Jewish culture likewise in the African and some other cultures elsewhere, demanding for one’s inheritance in the presence of your father means wishing him death since the father is expected to do this at the end of his life by leaving a written will or directly sharing his properties among his children. The Jews have great value to their fathers (and parents in general) and always like to be present at their burial ceremony. In Lk 9:59 & in Matt 8:21 a particular young man asked Jesus to allow him to go and bury his father before coming back to follow him, that was a typical Jewish man. It’s the responsibility of the children to give a befitting burial to their parents before sharing what belongs to them and in this sense we can understand the pain the father underwent at his son’s demand of his own share.
His father being an elder had noticed & foreseen the end of his son, nevertheless he allowed him the liberty to follow his own design. And this is how God treats us whenever we despise & reject Him just to follow our own selfish and ungodly ways. He allows us to make our funny or silly experience since his gift of freedom of the will can’t be tampered with.
So the younger son is as example of the one who has erred terribly but one important and positive lesson about him was his readiness to go back to his father : “How many of my father’s hired men has enough to eat… I will go back and I will say to Him…” (Lk 15:17f). So brethren let’s always make the same decision of going back to the father (God) for reconciliation whenever we aren’t at right with Him, for we are sinners from birth and in sin we were conceived (PS 51:7)
What about the character of the father? Extravagantly merciful, the father was eager to welcome his lost but found child, death but came back alive Lk 15:24. He didn’t want his son to read all his prepared discussion for forgiveness rather he looks at his repented heart & he didn’t wait for him to reach the house but “still a long way off, his father caught sight of him and was moved with compassion” Lk 15:20. Our God is always ready to welcome us whenever we turn away from our sins.
What about his son? He is so unforgiven and he represented the Pharisees who parade themselves to be righteous and despised others. This last is often our attitude towards those we tagged to be sinners, we accuse them more than their sins do: “Then when this son of yours came back after squandering your wealth with prostitutes…” (LK 15:30), his elder son made mention of prostitutes which initially wasn’t mentioned and this is our attitudes towards the faults of others while accusing them.
Finally brethren let us be merciful to others as God is to us (Matt 6:12). Let us come back to God in the sacrament of reconciliation whenever we err and let us avoid killing others because of their faults since God with his outstretched arms is always ready to welcome them. Misericordes Sicut Pater! May God bless you abundantly and always! Amen! Rev Fr
Kingsley Chimaobi Anih, CFIC!

Happy Sunday to you all. Greetings from Rome, Italy.

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This short story which looks somehow simple and ordinary can change the way you see certain issues in life that concerns others and you directly or indirectly .

Wife: Darling our house-help is pregnant. Husband : That is her problem. Wife: Our neighbours are making mockery of us. Husband: That is their problem. Wife: I am fed up. It pissed me off. Husband: That is your problem. Wife : The child is yours. Husband: That is my problem.

Life can be so funny sometimes. Please, try to mind your own problems in life. That is the only way you can handle them. Leave others with their problems if you can’t help.

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When one prays before committing an evil, and at the end of the day he or she  succeeded. Was his or her prayer answered? If yes, how and by who?

Example: When a criminal prays before going for operation and succeeded at the end of the day. Was his prayer answered? If yes, by who?

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About Meditation

Food for thought.

Meditation is a state of being without thoughts, with clean mind and open heart, just spiritual silence, mostly focus on the inside. When meditation starts, the best is to focus on the head, let all your thoughts go and open your heart by breathing deeply.

Vibrations comes, they are spreading. Your task is to open them up. The best way is to do nothing specifically about it. Don’t worry if you feel you have problems. It happens that people come to meditate and have a lot of trouble with blocks and problems in chakras. You don’t have to worry about that. Let the vibrations flow and it will resolve itself.

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