World of Creativity in collaboration with Daniel Global Venture is presenting an open writing contest in view of proffering solutions to some of the issues facing our present society.

Submission of entry for the 2019 WORLD OF CREATIVITY AND DANIEL GLOBAL VENTURES writing contest is open from March, Ist, 2019 to April, Ist, 2019. The result will be published on May, 15th, 2019.


SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS: 1) Your work should be in English, font size 14. single-spaced, and the minimum word counts should be 5,000 words. 2) Your work should be original ( not copied, adapted, or reproduced from any other source). 3) All characters in your writing must be fictional and must not be based on any actual person or country. 4) Vulgar, profane, or offensive words should not appear in your writing. 5) Any writing that does not meet all these requirements will be rejected. World of Creativity holds the sole discretion as to whether any writing satisfies the submission requirements and its decisions are final. YOUR NAME SHOULD NOT APPEAR ON YOUR WORD. SEND YOUR ENTRY TO THESE EMAIL ADDRESSES: chiikeagu@gmail.com OR tonywhiz2003@yahoo.co.uk. Winners will be notified through email. PLEASE, TRY TO MAKE USE OF AN ACTIVE EMAIL FOR EASY CONTACT. GOODLUCK!!!

FIRST PRIZE: N15,000.00 SECOND PRIZE: N 10,000.00 THIRD PRIZE: N5,000.00




Many came not because of war or hunger but for a quest for greener a pasture. The issue is on its peak now and the whole world is talking about it. Every day new stories and adventures from adventurers who thought making it in life will only be here in Europe or in the western world. We can’t deny the fact that back home there are many things that have been left undone. The blame is shared both to the government and the citizens. But there are people still surviving and making it. Though it might look like survival of the fittest, but even in Europe, the life isn’t an easy one, not denying the fact that there are ample opportunity for one to scale through in life.

It was actually a coincidence and I never knew it was one of the main subjects of the day in the parliament…

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Proper and Effective Preparation Equal to Feasibility

Make hay while the sun shines is a common saying with huge significant meaning. It is true that some unforeseeing circumstances may intervene in the process of accomplishing a task. But there are some things that need adequate preparation so as to avoid terrible mistakes.

They may have their own reasons for postponing the election. But something must have gone wrong somewhere. I hope the brutes are not planning something else.


The journey of a thousand miles begins with a step. You longed to have peace but instability came. You longed for good governance but brutes came and took over power. You hoped for a better tomorrow, but despair and uncertainty embraced you like a lover. You were once the giant of Africa but now, even the ants are making a mockery of you. “When will she rise again?” Many are asking. When will she regain her vigour? When will she take back her former statue? Can the falling eagle regain its strength and prove to other birds that she still remains the king of the air? Yes, she can. My lovely Eagle, you will be fine!!!

How I wish you will all come out in mass and decide who your leaders will be tomorrow. Do you know that you have only a few hours to decide for them while they will have four or more years to decide what your future will be? Do you know that your decision tomorrow will either give hope to future generations or take it away from them? There are many questions we can raise here.

How I wish you will put into action those your desires for good governance. One thing is saying it and another thing is doing it. Courage, don’t be hopeless. It is true you have tried many times in the past, but the result wasn’t favorable. In the beginning, they appear to be angels walking like Innocent, but after some time, they will change their positions and promises and become like wolves. It will be okay. Go and vote again, it will be fine this time.

How I wish you will be bold enough to resist all forms of bribery and the temptation to sell your future. They are so wise that they make life difficult for you so that like a hungry man in front of delicious food, you can hardly say no. Better you die a hero than to die a coward. Don’t sell your integrity for a penny. Don’t sell your children’s future for material things that will last for only a few days. Don’t sell your peace for war, your happiness for sadness, your life for death, your security for insecurity, your home for homelessness, your job for unemployment, your unity for diversity, and your bright future for dark fate. Your action tomorrow will never be reversed. It will be like a chain reaction. Remember, you can’t sell your future to them and blame them at the same time. The system is so bad, corrupt, and porous that you don’t know who to trust and choose. You find yourself between the devil and the deep blue sea. Logically, you will prefer to go for the lesser evil. But this time around, I think there is a better choice or a lesser evil so to say.

How I wish the words of Charles Chaplin on his speech titled ” The Great Dictator,” will find fertile ground in your mind. You have the power to control them. You have all it takes to build a human society and not a machine society. You have all it takes to make democracy to be what it is. You have the power to decide the kind of leaders you want. United you can but divided you can never make the change.

Peace to my lovely country Nigeria as she chooses her leaders tomorrow. I love you and I will always represent you well! Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria!!!!!

My Vote is just like a Drop of Water in an Ocean

Yes, it may seem irrelevant comparing your vote like a drop of water in an ocean because practically, it makes no difference.

But come to think about it the other way round. A drop of water in a bucket can go a long way to fill it at the end of the day. No matter how insignificant it may seem, you are not alone. With mine and yours put together, we will make that ocean of water. Click here to have a full view.