Matthew 4:7

The Glance

Jesus said unto him, It is written again, Thou shalt not tempt the Lord thy God.


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To God Be The Glory

The Glance

“Because of His Great Love and for Being Subjective, to Him: We Breathe, we Live and Everyday we have Courage to Continue in Life: It’s Inevitable that Every Second, we Foretaste a Portion of His Vast Essence.”

– Ver

Jeremiah 9:23-24

Thus saith theLord, Let not the wise man glory in his wisdom,
neither let the mighty man glory in his might,
let not the rich man glory in his riches:

24But let him that glorieth glory in this, that he understandeth and knoweth me, that I am theLordwhich exercise lovingkindness, judgment, and righteousness, in the earth: for in these things I delight,
saith theLord.


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Little Thought For Monday ….

Lilly Eves World

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I must confess that in my younger days I was perhaps a harsher person, less thoughtful, less kind.  With age comes the wisdom to see the error of your youthful ways.  My new mantra is – Be Kind, Always – and I try every day to do just that.  Happy Monday and a wonderful week to you lovely people.

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TALENT (What is talent?)

Greenwood Hopewell

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Written by Greenwood Hopewell, MA

~1 min read

21st May, 2019


The mornings I ran in the rain


The days when I did it again


The failure that knocked at my door


The times when I did it once more


The desire to never give up


The smile I wear without luck


The thing they all said I had


I told them, ‘you’re all bloomin’ mad!’


Is just an illusion at best


Is just a personal test






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Greenwood Hopewell

Poem written by Greenwood Hopewell, MA.

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~1 min read.

21st May, 2019

Our feet stick because we are stuck to the

A reminder to humanity that we are family

Tiny pieces of energy moving across a
single platform we call Earth

The occasional leap towards the outer edge

And the ability to lift ourselves against a
force that takes us back to where we belong

We can never leave because this is our home

We belong in the living room of life

Sharing our table with every other living

As we grow and wither

And remain

The earth absorbs us into its core

So that we become the ground

As we walk, we stick, our feet stuck to the

Like solid particles preparing to dance the
final waltz

We play music

We close our eyes to the sweetest melody as

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Times Change.

Lilly Eves World

When I was young we had the most wonderful Christmases.  My amazing Mum made everything home cooked, the house looked beautiful with all the Christmas things she and my Dad had collected on their travels over the years.  Christmas Day was filled with family, food and love.  We ate at lunchtime then in the afternoon their was games, stopping of course at 3pm to watch The Queens annual address to the nation on television.  The atmosphere was so cosy in their house, it really was a special day that I looked forward to every year.  As the years went by my sister moved hundreds of miles away with her family, so it was just my husband and I and my parents (I should mention that my husbands parents passed away many years ago).  We kept up the tradition for many years, taking turns to stay at each others homes.  But, times change…

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We were Repatriated!

Lilly Eves World

Yesterday afternoon we arrived back from our lovely holiday in Lanzarote in the Canary Islands, despite the trauma caused by the collapse of  The Thomas Cook travel company.  Luckily, we were flight only with them, we had booked our hotel separately, however it is still a funny and unnerving feeling that we were brought to this beautiful island and now we are not sure how we are getting home, it left me with a feeling of being lost.       Of course many people were not as lucky, we heard stories of guests being locked out of their hotel rooms unless they paid again to stay there, as Thomas Cook has not paid the hotel in advance for their guests staying there, and lets not forget the Thomas Cook staff who are suddenly out of jobs, many being owed up to seven weeks wages, travel reps being thrown out of their accommodation all over the world etc…

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Life Is So Fragile

Lilly Eves World

It’s been a devastatingly awful week.  A dear friend of mine has a lovely 25 year old daughter, Jane.  Eight months ago she started going out with her first serious boyfriend Charles, a very nice young man of 30 years old, she was welcomed into their family, he was welcomed into hers and they recently moved in together and started talking about an engagement, which everyone was delighted about.

On Monday night of this week Jane was partially woken during the night by Charles crying out in his sleep, she thought he was just having a bad dream.  A few hours later when she woke up he was rasping and she couldn’t bring him round.  She immediately called the Emergency Services, who talked her through CPR,  when the Paramedics arrived it took and hour to stabilise him, the Air Ambulance helicopter was sent, but couldn’t land,  so the Paramedics transported him to the…

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Prophetic Declaration For October, 2019.


Welcome To Your Month Of Marvels!

This month my God shall work marvels in your life until men change your name to Brother/Sister Marvelous; and abundantly satisfy your hunger with the fatness of His house (Psalms 36:8) in the name of Jesus Christ.

Text of the Month:

“And He said, behold, I make a covenant: before all thy people I will do marvels, such as have not been done in all the earth, nor in any nation: and all the people among which thou art shall see the work of the LORD: for it is a terrible thing that I will do with thee.” {Exodus 34:10}

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See The Children’s Faces

Greenwood Hopewell

A poem by Greenwood Hopewell, MA.

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~1 min read.

21st May 2019

See the children’s faces as they wonder through the snow

The innocence of childhood that adults used to know

Little footprints everywhere, the children they just play

They don’t feel the bitter cold or see a winters day

Instead they run along the ground with snowballs in their

Throwing them at passers by then watching as they land

Little fingers cold as ice and fingers glowing red

As Mother cries “Come on children, come inside, it’s time to
go to bed!”.

See the children’s faces as they wake on Christmas day

Seeing all their presents brought by Rudolf on his sleigh

The magic as they shout, “Mom, Dad! He’s been!”

To adults it’s another day, to children it’s a dream

See the children’s faces and just look at what we…

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Little Bird

Greenwood Hopewell

Greenwood Hopewell, MA

~1 min read

25th May, 2019

I’ve just met a little bird who sings in the rain

He tweets and he whistles his merry refrain

With droplets and dew drops

Gracing his wings

He fills up his lungs

And sits there and sings

I’ve just met a little bird who sings in the night

He flutters and flitters

Like a star in the sky

His beautiful feathers

Gracing the moon

As he lifts up his head

And sings out a tune






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Where To From Here

"USA Through Our Eyes"

Hello and welcome back. For those of you that have begun following us again or are new may wonder where we are going from here with USA Through Our Eyes or what direction our blog will take in the future. Well the direction we will be taking is to continue to share stories of our travels but focus more on the people we meet along the way and their stories. This was our initial goal posted on our “About” page. We will share these stories on the USA Through Our Eyes BlogVimeo  or Audrey’s  Instagram.

We hope you enjoy the stories yet to come.

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Still Camping but the Shelter Is About to Change (part 1). ~ By Tom ~

"USA Through Our Eyes"

Hello everyone.  Wow, we have been back 73 days and it seems like only yesterday.  The old time adage is more apparent the ever about “time stands still for no one”.  As we journeyed across the states singles, couples and families we met like Tammy, Darryl and Debbie, Danni and Trent, Rock & Peggy, Will and Lynda and many others truly left an impression on us.  All of us shared the common thread of wanting to experience the sights, sounds, and smells of these great United States.  It was also interesting to see the different ways people were traveling such as automobile, van, motorcycle, motorcycles with a side car, biking and even walking. Then there was the way they were lodging such as tent, hotel/motel, panel van, camper van, pop-up camper, truck camper, motor coach, small travel trailer, big travel trailer, etc.  As you…

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~ Worth The Wait ~

"USA Through Our Eyes"

Hello and welcome back! Today we would like to share a recent road trip to Fisheating Creek in Palmdale, Florida. What a name for a campground… Fisheating Creek. When were searching for a place to go and stumbled upon it our first thought was what’s eating the fish? The name brought my mind back to a childhood memory of a movie, “The Creature from the Black Lagoon”. We figured let’s give it a try and learned some valuable lessons.

The campsites were grassy, separated by shrubs and trees and comfortably spread out. We went to bed that night sleeping like babies only to wake finding the site next to us filled with a huge camper and many tents about a foot from the side of our van. We were okay with this until all their children woke and we realized there wasn’t going to be a lot of…

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A Memorable Walk Along The Savannah River

"USA Through Our Eyes"

Hello everyone and welcome back! It is a joy seeing each of you taking time in your busy days to check in on us and see what we’ve been up to! A short time ago we were exploring the State of Georgia and as we were wandering along the Savannah riverfront with our Chocolate lab, Emma, letting God and our cameras lead us from one image to the next we couldn’t help be intrigued by a mother and daughter strolling together, holding hands, laughing and cherishing the views the river afforded. Before heading back to “Daisy”, our travel van, we stopped to rest awhile on a bench and as we did Emma quickly crawled underneath it to embrace the cool of the shadows. As we sat watching the huge boats passing there was the joyful voice of a child exclaiming “look mommy, can I go pet her?”.   As we…

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The Unknown Space Theory.


You might be very familiar with the Big Bang theory that says that our universe began from a single originating point and from there on, it has been expanding ever since. Within this expanding space we call the universe, exists the entirety of space, time, matter, energy, the physical laws and the constants that describe them, and all the things that we know of, can see or can’t see—it all exists in the universe. It is fascinating to think that all these things came into existence only because that point in space exploded and began expanding for some unknown reason. Anyway, my argument is not about the existence of our universe, but where does our universe exist.

It is highly debated what is beyond our universe, but no one has been able to come up with an answer that makes sense. When asked about it, well celebrated physicist and cosmologist…

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Thoughts on death: Is it our end or the beginning?


There are various beliefs about the concept of death. Many believe that after we die we come back in this very world in a new form—reincarnation, many believe that after we die we are either punished for the sins we did when we were alive or rewarded for the goods we did when we were alive—Heaven and Hell, then there are the ones who believe there is nothing after death—the world, our existence, everything ceases for us. No matter what belief you follow, you are very certain that you will die one day for sure, it is something inevitable. But do we truly understand death?

If you consider the concept of reincarnation, and the fact that energy can neither be created nor destroyed, we, as a form of energy should not stop existing, we can only be transformed from one energy to another. This supports the reincarnation belief—we lose our…

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Tutorial invito di compleanno: una svolazzante farfalla

semplicemente homemade

L’hanno scorso toccó a Minnie, quest’anno per il quinto (già quinto!!!) compleanno della mia principessina, abbiamo scelto insieme il tema delle farfalle. In questo post vi spiegherò come ho realizzato questi, semplici ma ad effetto, inviti di compleanno che ho appena distribuito all’asilo.

I destinatari sono tutti i fantastici bimbi azzurrini, i suoi compagni di classe!

Cosa serve? Molto semplice …

– cartoncino di due colori diversi

– carta trasparente

– 2 fustelle farfalla

– nastro adesivo fantasia

– colla

– nastro biadesivo

– forbici

– carta (di colore diverso dai cartoncini) sulla quale stampare o scrivere a mano l’invito


  • per prima cosa ritagliate delle strisce lunghe di cartoncino colorato (verde chiaro nel mio caso) che andrete poi a piegare (non a metà per lasciare spazio al nastro colorato
  • attaccate quindi in basso il nastro fantasia appena citato (io ho usato tre fantasie differenti)
  • piegate ora il cartoncino lasciando…

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Le borse in Canvas dell’estate 2019: Tucano e Marinara

semplicemente homemade

Comprai il pannello con il tucano perché attratta dai suoi fantastici colori. L’intento era sicuramente quello di farne una borsa. Come??? La risposta non la sapevo, ma io sono così, quando trovo una cosa che mi piace, la compro anche se non mi serve, anche se non ho idee che mi frullano nel cervello e la tengo li, nel limbo, in compagnia di tantissime altre cosine…

Pertanto, questo quadrato di stoffa, è stato per circa un anno nei mio armadio di materiali da usare nell’attesa di un’idea, finché… eccola! L’idea è arrivata ed è nata la borsa che vedete in foto.

Tra i miei rimasugli di tessuto sono stata fortunata a trovare un beige adatto a fare il retro della borsa e i manici.

Feltro presente anche all’interno dei manici per dar loro rigidità!

L’imbottitura? non può certo mancare! Pena, la flaccidità della borsa che pare non abbia neanche una…

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