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On the 12th of July, 2000, I took my first flight from Nigeria to Ghana. It was a very terrible experience. The fear, the anxiety, and the emotion in me were like a mixed world. Since then, I never prayed to take a flight for any reason. How I wish, in some trips one can take buses, or cars, or trains, or ship. My first experience made me a deaf person for a week.

I have never for once trust any machine. As long as it is made by human beings, there is every tendency that it will one day fail. And what they will call it will be “Technical Fault.” After one of the major earthquakes in Rome, Italy, I stopped taking the substations. When you see the number of kilometers one is below the ground, you will know that when that so-called “Technical Fault ” will occur, no life will be saved. I mean no life will survive it.

In plane, I don’t trust any gadget. Yes, they are there but I always see them failing when the need to use them arises. You may say that I am pessimistic or my thoughts about them shouldn’t be negative. But I always tell myself the contrary.

Ethiopian airline has been my favorite for the past four years. But I am already afraid of my next flight with it. It is a terrible experience to die in a plane crash.



Our parents gave birth to us. Under normal condition they will leave this world before us. A seed must die before it can start growing. Make every failure in your life as a stepping stone to your success.

Learning is good. Getting a degree or a certificate from a university is good. If it has no impact on the lives of those around you, throw them away, they are useless.

Don’t wait until you get all you need in life before you give a helping hand to someone. From the little you have, help others .If you can’t, then you can never help even when the whole world will be given to you.

The ants are the most organised insects in the world with a perfect society. We can learn from them by mere looking at them in their environment.

Have you ever asked yourself why you are living? Unless you define and discover it,  you will end up living your life for others and by others.

1 * 3 and 3 * 1 in mathematics are the same in every situation except in drug prescription.


Life is beautiful. Life is interesting and worth living when love takes the lead. But many can still make it interesting even when love is not there as long as they still have love for others. But when this love  is tempered with, life becomes uninteresting, unrealistic, miserable, and unhappy for some persons.

We all love to be loved. All human beings have this instinct in them. One can sacrifice his or her life in the name of love. Love is something that when it is real, life becomes heaven on earth, sweet, joyful, interesting, pleasant, and the like. All true relationships are based upon it. But sometimes when we give it out, we don’t get it back in return. It gives joy when you give love and you get it back in return. It is painful to love and not to be loved in return. It is painful when those you love don’t care whether you love them or not.

The irony about love is that, when you give it, don’t always expect it in return. When you love someone, it is expected that he or she should love you back. But when the contrary is the case, don’t worry, keep loving. Sometimes those we don’t expect to show us love are the ones showing it to us. Don’t worry, just extend your love to them. When you love, always prepare your mind to welcome the opposite in case, because it may not return the way it was given.

Let love lead each day of your life. As long as you prepare your mind always to welcome its unpleasant return, you will always find a reason to love.


Once upon a time, when I was still an adolescent, I attended a burial ceremony of a family member, an old man who died after a brief illness.  When the corps was exposed for people to see it, I went with my father and mother. Something captured my attention and I was very curious to know why it was like that. My attention was captured by the facial appearance of the dead man. His face was like an angry man, line of wrinkles on his forehead and chicks. When I asked my dad, he told that he wasn’t smiling when he was alive. The reply was simple and banal but I thought over it for some time.

Some people smile for real while some smile just for smiling sake. The former is that one that comes from the mind, from self fulfilment, from self admiration, and from self satisfaction. Smile as we all know plays a vital role in our lives psychologically and otherwise. Its importance can’t be over emphasized. The latter is that type we put on our face just to give people the impression that we can also smile. A colleague in my university once asked me,  “Tony, why do people smile? ” For a few seconds, nothing came to my mind an answer to give her. Later, I told her that, people smile for many reasons. But one among these reasons is that smile relieves us from stress, worries,  and anxiety. And in doing this, we give our mind the possibility to reason well and function effectively. I made her to understand that our thoughts control us directly or indirectly whether we like it or not. And these thoughts end up forming our behaviour, our attitudes with time.

No matter your problems in life, no matter what you are going through in life, be optimistic. When we put on a smiling face, our whole biological system functions at it peak. Stress, worries ,anxiety, problems, etc are the things that can make us unhappy and not to smile. But once we start having a positive thoughts towards them, we will then learn how to smile and smile very well.

Don’t allow that smile to be an enemy to your face. Learn to put on a sincere smile on your face and you will see that half of your problems in life will be solved. I am living testimony to this.

Happy Sunday to all



I can’t count the number of times I have found myself inside a bus, a train, or other means of transportation without seeing almost everyone busy with his or her phone to an extent that even to respond to greetings sometimes is difficult. People are so concentrated that you hardly see their faces. I am afraid, they maybe suffering from neck pain. If I am not mistaken, many persons outside there spent not less than 15hrs a day with their phones.

We always try to occupy our minds with all sorts of things so as to avoid coming in full contact with ourselves or let’s call it our consciousness. Many are afraid these days to be engaged with their mind because of the many challenges and remorse they may feel as they think about their lives. This is a significant problem our present world is facing. Even in a place where we are supposed to allow ourselves to be present body and soul, we still keep ourselves distracted by gadgets and other electronic devices. It is really getting out of hand.

I once asked a female friend of mine why she always manipulates her phone every blessed moment. Her reply was shocking to me. She said, “When I am with it, I tend to forget all my worries and problems. The moment I drop it, they will all rush like a fast running stream into my minds, and these give me anxiety and emotion stress.” I totally agreed with her for I was once like her during my days in the university back then in my country. I am not against the usage of phones and other electronic gadgets. But my major concern is the way we allow these things to have full control of us; enslaving us, chaining us, and making us to be like robots.

The fact still remains that when we are alone, many thoughts start coming into our minds. These are thoughts from the things we have seen or heard or did during the course of our activities in the day. These thoughts are meant to be analysed, if not, they will continue to hunt us especially if they are the negative ones. Analysing our thoughts I believe can make us grow and develop well in life. An unexamined life is not worth living. And we can’t examine our lives in a world filled with distraction. We can’t examine our lives when throughout a day, we are busy from the very moment we leave our sleeping bed to the moment we return to it after the fatigue of the day.

I believe we all need time to be alone, free from the distractions around us so that we can have time to go into ourselves and examine many things. We can also call this a form of meditation. I know it is a very hard practice because when we go deep into ourselves, our conscience confronts us in many things, our mind reminds us of the past, present and future, many things going on at the same time. But it is only in the midst of these that we can find lasting solutions to our problems and also peace and rest to our minds.

Thanks for reading!!!


Our world today is been faced with many challenges which are termed as GLOBAL ISSUES. There are many debates on them in view of providing efficient and lasting solutions.

Taking the issue of global warming for instance. We all know that the depletion of the ozone layer is as a result of certain chemical substances which scientists called  CFC (cholorofluorocarbon).  This chemical in the past were been used for the production of aerosol spray, storyfoam, etc.  Once they are released into the atmosphere, they are been broken down by solar radiation, giving out chlorine ions as one of its products. These chlorine ions become the monsters that reduced ozone (O3) into oxygen (O2).  As this continues, more ozone layer will be depleted. Coupled with other global issues, it is not that they don’t know what to do. There is a solution to all these problems. Despite the Montreal Protocol signed then by many nations against the use of CFC, majority have gone back to the use of these chemical substances all in the name of business and making profit to the detriment of the human lives.

The earth cries every day due to the adverse effects of UV light on the skin, eyes, crops and ocean plants. They told us that global emission was near zero but it wasn’t true.

The major thing retarding all efforts towards finding a lasting solution to all these issues is that, we give more priority to its economic impact rather than its social impact. They only see what they lose economically than the lives of the people been damaged if such chemicals are banned. Is there hope?

In our own little way, let’s help our world to be a better place for us all through creating awareness about the causes of global issues. Thanks