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The staff of World of Creativity wish to thank all of you in a special way for your active participation and support. We pray that this new year will bring you all your good heart desires. Amen. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!

NB In the comment box, briefly explain how you plan to spend the new year from Jan to Dec, indicating your goals. Leave your account details. Five persons will emerge as winners and gift will be sent to them.

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In life what is not useful to some maybe precious to others. If you are good at writing short interesting stories, this is an opportunity for you to make some cash with your talent.

Read the instructions below and for any further information for clarification, write to any of the email addresses below. INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW IT WORKS

  1. Narrate any story of your choice that is interesting.
  2. Story should be (max 1000 words).
  3. Give your story a good title
  4. You can write as many stories as you like.
  5. Stories should be in the comment box or you can send your stories to or

Stories submited will be evaluated and if your story(ies) is or are accepted, you will be contacted through phone or email for payment. We pay N200 or N300 per story depending on its quality and rating by our judges.

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On the 23rd of July, 2004, in the city of Lubumbashi, Congo RD, my sports bike was having a little problem with its breaks. That very day, I was so reluctant to go out after the stressful day at school. After taking a nap, I decided to take the bike to my technician to put the breaks in order.

The breaks were put in order, together with other parts that needed little adjustment and repair. As I was about to mount on my bike, I received a phone call from a friend, asking me to come and play football with him and some of his friends in a football pitch close to his house. Even though I was tired, I was unable to resist the desire to go and play with them. I responded to him, telling him that I would be with them in a short while. I rode home, picked all my necessary sports materials and hurried up to join them.

There was a rail track across the road leading to my friend’s house and a market around there. Normally when trains were coming, there was always a horn very loud that could be heard a kilometre away from its source. To be sincere, I could not tell what came over me. I was on high speed, and a few metres away from me was the rail track. The train operator never honked the horn because I did not hear it and I never looked left or right to see if anything like a train was coming. Since I was already close, I thought I could cross before the train could arrive where I was. That was the first thought that came to my mind. In fear, I continued thinking that my breaks were still faulty. Out of reflex action, I held the two hand breaks. The tyres scrubbed the ground on a distance of about 300m and stopped. And right in front of me was the train moving on its normal speed. Passers-by were just looking at me with mouth and eyes wide open. I quietly came down, turned and head towards my house. It was really a miracle and was not yet time.

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Education in Nigeria

I remember vividly those days when we were still in primary and secondary school. Our teachers used to tell us that education is the key to success. My dear people, we have worked, toiled and laboured for years, and when finally we found the key. We came joyfully to open the door of success, only to find out that the door has been stolen, by who? The government has the answer. But there is still hope. I believe knowledge is just like a seed when you plant it, it will take time to grow. Education in Nigeria can be frustrating sometimes. We should not give up, the future is bright. The journey will never be funny. If it is, then quit, it is not the right path. Everything is not all about a certificate, try to learn a skill in life, that may be your saviour when all other means will fail you.