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When I remembered the good olden days in primary school, I couldn’t stop laughing. The memories are still there. Some were good and interesting, while some were painful especially when the victims were my own good friends. It was the best moments in my life. What am living now are just the leftovers from the product. Things have really changed. I felt like turning the clock backward.

I grew up in a family that upheld sincerity end truth to a high esteem. Both could never be separated for no reason. Religious beliefs, ethics, and morals were the key qualities one must possessed in order to live peacefully with both parents and siblings. Coupled with the environment where development was a nightmare, love and solidarity were things uniting all.

I would like to talk about the recreational aspect of those days. Then, as a normal pupil, one should and could never forget his or her school materials. Every other things could be forgotten but not writing materials. Mine was the contrary. Sometimes, I used to forget my school bag but never cashew nuts because they were the first thing I put inside my pocket once I put on my school short.

There was a game played with cashew nuts then. The game has no limit in terms of number of players. Each player would bring a certain number of cashew nuts depending on the number agreed by all players. The cashew nuts were then placed inside a small circle drawn with a piece charcoal on the ground. Then, players would stay some certain distance away from the circle, and from there, each player would throw another cashew seed towards a wall that served as a barrier just in front of the circle. Turns in playing would depend on the distance between each player’s cashew nut and the wall.

Then, from that distance, one had to aim at the bulk of cashew nuts inside the circle. Once aimed or hit, any nuts outside the circumference of the circle would be yours. I was a professional player in that game. How I learned it, I could not tell. It was a game I liked playing then. For a better and interesting game, where incomprehension would not exist, one had to play it with his age mates. But mine was the contrary. I used to play with those who were older than me. I would go to school with just 6 nuts and came back home with hundreds of nuts in my school bag. It got to a point that, I became popular in my school and many players would not allow me to play with them for the fear that I would not win. My nut which I used in aiming was flat in shape and hard in nature. I used a white masking tape to protect it from having cracks when been hit on the wall or ground mistakenly.

On several occasions, I had been beaten mercilessly, rubbed of my nuts, and sometimes my school wears just because of I won in several games. I never gave up. I continued playing with those who were above me in class. Sometimes, I used to sell nuts to players who had been defeated in multiple games and had no nuts to continue playing. From the little cash made from this, I lived like a prince then in school. Many players used to hire me to play game for them especially when they saw that they couldn’t win. Through this game, I became a friend to some and enemy to many.

One fateful evening, a friend of mine came to my house to look for me. His intention for coming was to ask me if I could help him play a game the following day in school. Unfortunately for me, he met my mother and told her his intention for coming to see me. OMG! It was hell for me that day. My mother was very angry. Her annoyance was that instead of going to school to learn, I was busy learning how to become a professional player in cashew nuts game. That day, I received one of the highest punishment of my life. Never mind the kind of punishment. A pure Nigerian child would know it. But nothing changed. Another thing that provoked my mom that day was that, my friend didn’t call me by my name but rather by my nickname “Eti okwe, eri okwe, which means ‘One who hits the game and wins it ‘.”

When my dad came back from office that very day, he was informed of the incident. The old man laughed and said nothing. A few days later, he called me and advised me to pay more attention to my studies. My joy was that he too liked the game. I was surprised when he said that. For good 3 years in primary school, I hardly heard my real name. Once it was break time, all angles would be echoing with my name “Eti okwe a’biago.” It really gave me joy and self fulfilment. It was really a life filled with fun.




Who are you, brother? From which village do you come? Which tribe or which community do you belong to? We are all one!!

If a branch wants to flourish, it must honour its root. If you want to excel in life, follow the dictates of your intuition. (Pacere Titinga).

The universe is neither passive nor static, but a dynamic whole, whose equilibrium depends on the actions of opposing and matched elements.

The nails sustain the iron, the iron sustains the horse, the horse sustains man, and man sustains the world. (African Tradition).

The spirit of good children lives on a tree waiting to be born. In normal days, young women who desire to have children come to sit under the shade of this tree. (Chinua Achebe)


These you might have heard of but not all. I deemed it necessary to explain to you some peculiar features in my country of residence. A wonderful country, filled with good things whenever you visit the great Vatican City. Don’t fail to alert me whenever any of you come around to ay a visit. I will be glad to take you around if possible.

Italy is a mountainous country. There are two mountain chains. The tallest is the Alps, found close to the White Mountain which is the tallest mountain in Europe. Then, there are the Apennines Mountains found close to a mountain called the Gran Sasso in italian. There are many islands in Italy. But the two major ones I once visited are in Sicilia and Sardegna. That of Sardegna is smaller than that of Sicilia. The longest rivers that are mostly filled with water are found in the north. Po is the longest river in Italy.

Here we take more of wine than beer, more of pasta than rice, more of coffee than tea, more of vegetables than meat, and more of sugar than salt. Hope to see you someday here.


The first semester examinations that year were hectic. After my last paper, I decided to travel to Poland for two weeks. Before booking my flight, I had to call my friend Ozele if he would be ready to provide accommodation for me. He willingly accepted without hesitation. Two hours before my flight, I was already at the Fiumicino Airport Rome. I checked my luggage and got my boarding pass at the check-in counter.

In less than 3hrs, the plane touched down at Chopin Airport. Ozele was already at the entrance of the airport waiting for me. We greeted each other warmly and drove to his house. The next day during breakfast, I asked him if the bread we were eating was imported. I said, “No. It is a product of Poland here in Radom.” I was surprised. I never expected to see such quality of bread in Poland. The bread was soft, moist, well baked and tangy. So far, that was the best bread I had tasted in my life. Looking at me, he said, “Poland is the best bread producer in the world.” I laughed and continued eating, knowing full well that it was not true. In all the stories I had heard and read from books about Poland, I was only captivated by the devastating effects of war (World War II) to the country. I was expecting to see some remnants of war items along the streets, dark soil or sand, burnt houses at the periphery of the town, and poor infrastructure just like my first visit to the Republic Democratic of Congo. But it was the contrary. 

The weather was harsh and I had not bargained for such a dramatic change. Deciding to brave the weather, I put on two winter jackets and went out with Ozele. Radom, a small city found in the east-central part of Poland, is a sprawling city, with many historical places and archaeological monuments like the Cathedral of Virgin Mary, St. Wenceslaus Church, Bernadine Church and Monastery, etc. The city was filled with straight streets that could enable one to find his or her easily. The environment was clean. I liked the city for its lively atmosphere, especially at night. Our means of transportation was with public buses. They were comfortable just like in Rome. But the only difference was that in Radom, you don’t have to worry about traffic jams. They were no street crime where one has to be conscious in public buses and looked out for pickpockets.   

The blessed house

I was opportune attend my first Sunday Mass at St. Wenceslaus Church. A church that was built in the 13th century with wood, in a place which was initially called “The Radom’s Old Town Square.” Its restoration was made in the 1970s. This Church was like a single-nave building. But now, with its gable roof and a neo-gothic turret with a steeple, stained glass windows with religious and patriotic images, and a groin vault on the nave had given the church a new look. All thanks to the designing works of Prof. Zin for the interior decoration of the church.

The Jacek Malczewski Museum was another interesting place we visited. An edifice founded in 1983 with four mighty pillars in front of its entrance. All historic items there were perfectly in place with descriptions that were clear to understand. Historical objects like weapons that were used in the World War could be found also. Its fine arts collections were really something to write home about. I really fell in love with most of the paintings.  

The blessed house

There were a few places in Radom were one could find tasty local food at a cheaper price. Although, some restaurants that were closed to archaeological places were overpriced. It was really a dream come true for me, for I least expected what I saw at Radom, in Poland.


World of Creativity in collaboration with Daniel Global Venture is presenting an open writing contest in view of proffering solutions to some of the issues facing our present society.

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Vote wisely my people. It is not a do or die affair!!!!!

Three days to the election, I tried to do my normal weekly routine. I called to say hi, only for him to tell me that his entire family members are all in the UK. I guess, maybe he was afraid something may happen to them within this period. Immediately, I thought of those whose lives are in their hands. Apart from God, they are the ones protecting themselves. A country where the safety of their lives is in their hands. 
An election is not a do or die affair. Vote wisely and peacefully.

I WEEP FOR AFRICA. Tell me, is this normal?


It is our fault. Put the blame on us, our lovely future children. We are sorry, we can’t change the situation. 

 I am sorry, I did this to you. I was unable to change the situation. I thought it was for a while but before I knew it, it was already late and no turning back.

We produce food but we are dying of hunger. 😥😥😥😥😥

“Blood Diamond,” watch it with a sense of reasoning and not only with emotion, then you will know… 😭😭

Who did this to us? Our wealth has brought us misery rather than development. 😭😭😭

Our natural resources produce billions of dollars but not even a portable water was given to us, not to talk more about electricity, road, etc. People die of hunger and in misery while their lands produce billions of dollars through the sale of the diamond.

The government gives amnesty to them because they are afraid. But to the victims, nothing was given. They are left in abject poverty. Is this normal?