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When one prays before committing an evil, and at the end of the day he or she  succeeded. Was his or her prayer answered? If yes, how and by who?

Example: When a criminal prays before going for operation and succeeded at the end of the day. Was his prayer answered? If yes, by who?

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As we walked down the street of Bravetta Forte, admiration filled my mind. I so much admire how empty the streets are and how lonely the roads are. These during the day, masked a different identity. I acknowledged the security, goad roads, perfect infrastructures, constant electricity and water supply, and the wonderful people around.

But I see myself living in a world where you hardly find a soul walking along the street once or even before it is night. They are only found in nearby restaurants and in their cars driving to a destiantion best known to them. But from where I came from, the story is different.

I see myself in a world where people go to work by car and return home through the same means. They work hard to create out time just for a 20mins walk, which sometimes is difficult for them. But I came from a place where people; men and women, children and adults, young and old walked for kilometers each day as they struggle for a living. It pays them from the health point of view.

I live in a world where people have no choice but to eat all kinds of genetically modified food because for them, they are safer and the best even when they know the health implications that will occur in the future as a result of consuming such food. But I came from a place where nature has blessed the land with all kinds of plants, providing natural food for us. The last thing we can think about is to eat genetically modified food. Genetically modified food is nowhere to be found because nature has not given it the opportunity.

I live in a world where marriage is nothing to write home about. It has been reduced to dust. Its sacredness and value have been erased completely without leaving any trace behind. Dogs have taken the place of children. Dogs have taken the love meant for children and even human beings in general. But there are still people who love and care for others. There are still people who dream to marry and have children but societal pressure is high on them. But I came from a place where marriage is sometimes seen as an achievement in life, an edge over others who are not yet married. My people see marriage as something that should preoccupy the mind of every female at a certain age in life. They see marriage as a refuge centre. They see it as not only a sacrament but also as a sacrilege when it is not properly lived as instructed by their Christian faith and doctrine.

I live in a world where the number of old people outnumbered that of the young. I keep asking myself if I am the only one who worries about this and what it will bring in the near future. The child-parental conflict is high due to generational gap or difference. Many fear the pain of childbirth as if they fell down from the sky. Many fear the bondage and loneliness in matrimonial life in their reality of their world. Many deemed it not necessary to marry. Many see marriage as a waste of time and energy. But I came from a place where children are seen as a blessing from God, so they can have as many as possible. A place where the number of young people outnumbered that of the old. And the old are very comfortable about it because they see it as a blessing from God; the children should bury their parents and not the other way round.

I live in a world where every illness is seen as a mental one. We all smiles but no inner peace. We have all what we desire but there is something still lacking in our mind, a space which the joy of matrerial things can’t fill. We look joyfully, but deep in us frustration masked our minds. We are all seen as people having mental illness. But from where I came from … you know it already friends. Complete the sentence for me.

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To some persons, the issue of climate change makes no meaning to them, while to some, it still remains one of the challenging issue in their lives. Climate Change! Climate Change!! Climate Change!!! Many seminars and conferences have been organised concerning it in the past are still more are on the list. The people of the mother earth are crying bitterly for something to be done.

But I keep on wondering why majority of those crying and asking for something to be done are the poor masses. Does it mean that they are the only one the adverse effects will affect? I am not dying the act that our leaders are not working towards finding a lasting solution to it, but they are doing with with a lot of diplomacy for the fear of what they will lose. They consider more their businesses more then the lives of human that are in danger. Man can be a brute sometimes.

Click here to read what students all over the world are saying about climate change. Please, don’t be indifferent. In your own little way as an individual, you can still do something through creatinf awareness in your community, educating people around you on what climate change is all about and its effects on human and the universe, and being a good ambassador for a positive contribution to global change.

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I was brought up by a man who really has a great likeness for animals. But the admiration of this man who is my dad was counteracted by my mother who had the opposite feelings for any kind of animals. I came to learn how to like animals from my father. I nursed the hope of having my own pet one day.

One fateful day, I was going to the market and saw a man selling canaries. Canary is a type of bird I cherished most because then, I used to see them in some of the movies I watched. They are colourful in nature and this was what I liked most. I took the last cash in my pocket to buy it. When I came back home, my dad was very happy, but my mother was mad at me. She asked me not keep the bird in any of the rooms. For the love of my bird and for the sake of peace, I decided to put in my father’s room with his permission.

From the very day that bird entered my house, I was a different person. I stopped going out to play with friends, any house chore given to me, in the twinkle of an eye, I was already done with it. I did everything possible to stay close it. I watched how it moved around, how it used to eat, and shook its feathers. I lost myself in taking care of my bird and new friend.

I got to a point that, I would sleep off close to the birds cage while admiring it. Several times, my dad had to wake me up so that I could go to the bedroom to sleep with my siblings. Even while at school, my thoughts were fixed on my bird. After three days, out of joy and admiration, I decided to be feeding it. And it was going well without any stress. I did this for 5 days and since then, it had to wait for me to come to feed it. I really derived joy in doing it because I used to feed it to my satisfaction and not to its satisfaction. Even when it refused eating after being fed well, I used to forced food into its mouth. Its growth was okay and it was getting used to my presence. My dad used to come to see for himself how the bird was fairing. He was also impressed.

One day, I thought of bathing it. For me, it was abnormal because since it came to my house, it had never been bathed. Then, I took water in a cup, removed it from the cage and bathed it. After, I noticed how the bird was shivering. I went out in search of a kerosene lamp, lighted it, and kept it close to the bird. The shivering continued. I saw that the heat produced by the lamp was not okay. I thought of what next to do, and the idea of putting it inside a carton came to my mind. I search for a carton and found a small one that could contain the lamb. I put the lamb together with the bird inside the carton, and dropped the carton inside my dad’s wardrobe.  I was totally restless that evening for the fear of losing it. After an half an hour, I went straight to see how my lovely friend was fairing. When I open the carton, smoke was already coming out slowly, and I saw my poor bird lying on the floor of the carton. I thought it was sleeping; not knowing my lovely canary was already dead. When I discovered that it was dead, I cried. I mourned for it for a week.

Children are innocent indeed!!!!!!!

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Not all were born with a golden spoon. According to Gordons, a Nigerian comedian, “If you are not born with a golden spoon, don’t ask why. Go and create yours. It is very simple. And the highest mistake you will do is to ask your father why.” I was not born with it but I created mine. 

Life then in the barracks was peaceful and calm. People living like one family, where each person sees the other as his or her brother or sister. Then, only a few women were having a professional job or work. Majority of them were pretty traders. And my beloved mom was among the majority. She was a great entrepreneur, with great mastery skills in selling and buying. She normally traded her wears in public places, occupying a small portion where she could place wares on the floor. She usually engaged with seasonal fruits business because they give more profit than other wares for her. 

After school, I used to give her a helping hand in marketing. But one fateful day, I failed to come at the usual time. I got lost to cashew nuts game. She waited for me for about 2hrs but I didn’t show up. In school, when I came back to my senses, I was totally confused. I thought of what to do so as to remedy my punishment, but no idea was forthcoming. A thought came to me a few minutes later to drop all my cashew nuts. I called all those I won in the game and distributed the nuts to them. They were very happy for such a charity. They never knew what was happening to me, it was only a forced charity. I left the vicinity like a swift and headed to meet my mom. When I arrived, the lovely woman saw the way I was breathing. She knew already that something took my attention in school. And that could be nothing other than the cashew nuts game. She took my school bag, searched it thoroughly but couldn’t find any nut. I stood like a statue, waiting to know what my fate would be. One of her neighbours said, “Nne, finally he has come. Children nowadays can be very stubborn. Just the other day, I sent my son to buy me a bottle of kerosene a few metres from my house. It took him the whole day to buy it.” “Who asked this woman to intervene? Instead of pleasing with my mom to forgive me, she is there adding fuel to the fire.” My mother dropped my school bag and started tidying up herself. I was afraid because it wasn’t yet time for us to go home and moreover, there was still some large quantity of wares that were still unsold. “Nne, are you closing for the day? My mom looked at her and smirked. She never understood what she meant by that smirk. But as her child, I knew already that something terrible would happen. “If you don’t sell all these things, don’t enter my house,” she said and left. Her friend called her but she didn’t even make a sign that she was the one being called.

That day was not a good day. From all indication, she didn’t make a good sale before my arrival. The wares were still as if they were just bought from the whole-sellers. One thing I so much love my mom is that she can never correct or reproaches you in public. I looked left and right, thinking of how I would sell everything that very day and returned home. The other women around had pity on me. But they couldn’t help. “You children think that food used to fall from heaven. You don’t know that we mothers work day and night to feed you,” the woman close to me said. It was almost 5 pm and the market used to close at 6 pm. I sat on the floor facing my wares. I wasn’t crying physically, but emotionally, I was. All of a sudden, a song came to my mind. This was a song I learned from my mom. From my little observation, she used to sing the song whenever she was emotionally down. The business is not the normal type. It was survival of the fittest. You as the seller, you had to call and persuade customers to buy your wares. As if I knew she would say something because three persons had passed in front of me, and I never called their attention to what I was selling. I was there sing more slowly and gently while the other women were struggling for customers. 

It was already 5: 15 pm, no sales yet. Another thought immediately came to my mind that If at the end of the day, nothing positive happened, I would sleep in the market with the security guards. A woman, who looked like a civil servant, came to me and asked how much I was selling my wares. I told her their various prices just the way they were been partitioned by my mom. She bought four partitions without bargaining the price. I was short of words when I was putting them inside a polythene bag. The other women were amazed and speechless. A few minutes later, another woman was just passing with her child by her side. The small boy gazed at my fruits and told said to his mom, “Mummy, I want some oranges and Udara (African star apple).” ” But Junior, you just had your juice now come on, you can’t be stressing me like this,” She said to her son. The child refused to move and stood still crying. Suddenly, she came to me and asked about the prices of my wares. While I was telling her the prices, the other women nearby were busy calling her attention to look also at their wares too. In the end, she bought a reasonable quantity and left. Omg! I could not belief what I was seeing. Immediately she left, two other persons just walked straight to me and asked me to package two portions for each of them. They asked after my mom before leaving. I told them she was not feeling fine and had to go home earlier. ” One of the sellers looked at me and frowned her face. I pretended as if nothing happened.

Other sellers were already gathering their belongings since it was almost time to close for the day, but they were still some fruits left. The instruction was that I have to sell everything before coming home. I knew she meant every word in her order. Lost in the thought of how my night would look like, a young man walked to me and said, ” Edu Brazil, are you the one selling today?” “Good evening sir,” I greeted him. He was a young soldier, who just came newly to the barracks. Since he came, I was the one going almost all the errands for him. He so much trusted me that sometimes he could leave his house for me to tidy it up in his absence. He was with two other military guys. These were the people that saved my life. They bought the remaining fruits that were left and gave me some extra cash.

While I was busy putting things in order to leave, all eyes were on me. They could not believe what they were seeing. One of them said, ” Your God is with you my son.” “Ah! You don’t even know his name. His name is Chinedu, which means ‘ God leads’ ” When I got home that very day, my mom was in a state of confusion when I gave her the cash from the sales of that day. She didn’t know what to say, whether to thank me or reproach me again.  


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When I remembered the good olden days in primary school, I couldn’t stop laughing. The memories are still there. Some were good and interesting, while some were painful especially when the victims were my own good friends. It was the best moments in my life. What am living now are just the leftovers from the product. Things have really changed. I felt like turning the clock backward.

I grew up in a family that upheld sincerity end truth to a high esteem. Both could never be separated for no reason. Religious beliefs, ethics, and morals were the key qualities one must possessed in order to live peacefully with both parents and siblings. Coupled with the environment where development was a nightmare, love and solidarity were things uniting all.

I would like to talk about the recreational aspect of those days. Then, as a normal pupil, one should and could never forget his or her school materials. Every other things could be forgotten but not writing materials. Mine was the contrary. Sometimes, I used to forget my school bag but never cashew nuts because they were the first thing I put inside my pocket once I put on my school short.

There was a game played with cashew nuts then. The game has no limit in terms of number of players. Each player would bring a certain number of cashew nuts depending on the number agreed by all players. The cashew nuts were then placed inside a small circle drawn with a piece charcoal on the ground. Then, players would stay some certain distance away from the circle, and from there, each player would throw another cashew seed towards a wall that served as a barrier just in front of the circle. Turns in playing would depend on the distance between each player’s cashew nut and the wall.

Then, from that distance, one had to aim at the bulk of cashew nuts inside the circle. Once aimed or hit, any nuts outside the circumference of the circle would be yours. I was a professional player in that game. How I learned it, I could not tell. It was a game I liked playing then. For a better and interesting game, where incomprehension would not exist, one had to play it with his age mates. But mine was the contrary. I used to play with those who were older than me. I would go to school with just 6 nuts and came back home with hundreds of nuts in my school bag. It got to a point that, I became popular in my school and many players would not allow me to play with them for the fear that I would not win. My nut which I used in aiming was flat in shape and hard in nature. I used a white masking tape to protect it from having cracks when been hit on the wall or ground mistakenly.

On several occasions, I had been beaten mercilessly, rubbed of my nuts, and sometimes my school wears just because of I won in several games. I never gave up. I continued playing with those who were above me in class. Sometimes, I used to sell nuts to players who had been defeated in multiple games and had no nuts to continue playing. From the little cash made from this, I lived like a prince then in school. Many players used to hire me to play game for them especially when they saw that they couldn’t win. Through this game, I became a friend to some and enemy to many.

One fateful evening, a friend of mine came to my house to look for me. His intention for coming was to ask me if I could help him play a game the following day in school. Unfortunately for me, he met my mother and told her his intention for coming to see me. OMG! It was hell for me that day. My mother was very angry. Her annoyance was that instead of going to school to learn, I was busy learning how to become a professional player in cashew nuts game. That day, I received one of the highest punishment of my life. Never mind the kind of punishment. A pure Nigerian child would know it. But nothing changed. Another thing that provoked my mom that day was that, my friend didn’t call me by my name but rather by my nickname “Eti okwe, eri okwe, which means ‘One who hits the game and wins it ‘.”

When my dad came back from office that very day, he was informed of the incident. The old man laughed and said nothing. A few days later, he called me and advised me to pay more attention to my studies. My joy was that he too liked the game. I was surprised when he said that. For good 3 years in primary school, I hardly heard my real name. Once it was break time, all angles would be echoing with my name “Eti okwe a’biago.” It really gave me joy and self fulfilment. It was really a life filled with fun.


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Who are you, brother? From which village do you come? Which tribe or which community do you belong to? We are all one!!

If a branch wants to flourish, it must honour its root. If you want to excel in life, follow the dictates of your intuition. (Pacere Titinga).

The universe is neither passive nor static, but a dynamic whole, whose equilibrium depends on the actions of opposing and matched elements.

The nails sustain the iron, the iron sustains the horse, the horse sustains man, and man sustains the world. (African Tradition).

The spirit of good children lives on a tree waiting to be born. In normal days, young women who desire to have children come to sit under the shade of this tree. (Chinua Achebe)