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“Common, what the hell are you trying to tell me? It is none of your business how I use my resources. My hard gotten money, I spend it how I want, on what I want and is none of your business.” This was the response I got from a classmate when I was trying to tell him what I am about to tell you. You may have the same thought or reaction like my friend because what I am about to tell you now may not make any meaning to you. It is will be useless telling you to do it. But I believe, if you give it a second thought you will give me 2% that I am right.

In my house, I have everything I need. All my primary needs are met. But there are many outside there who don’t have up to 1% of what I am having. This thought usually comes to my mind whenever I am using some of these resources like water, electricity, cash, wears, and the like. I don’t need to waste any of these just because I have them or I have paid for them. Instead of throwing away those wears I just wore for a few months, why can’t I give them to those who are in need of them. Instead of throwing away those food stuffs not because they were bad, but just because I don’t like them anymore, why can’t I give them to those who are in need. While using water, I need to keep in mind that, there are many outside there who at present can’t even find a drop of it. They live around us. If we look for them, we will find them. When I was growing up, I thought there were no destitute people in the western world. I was seeing Europe as heaven, where all is complete. I thought poverty was born in Africa, grew up in Africa, and while remain immortal in Africa. Poor people are everywhere. We are poor in one way or the other. Poverty doesn’t necessarily mean lack of material things. I see it as a crime against humanity when we engage ourselves in such inhuman act.

Look for them and you will surely find them. When you find them, they will answer you, “We are here.” Let’s make the world a better place for all.

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Being below or under in any situation is something interesting. Interesting in what sense? Interesting in the sense that it keeps everyone on alert. It keeps everyone on the move. It keeps everyone on the check list.

My experiences in the biomedical fields especially in hospitals where I have worked have evoked this. When patients come to the hospital for blood pressure check, there is always that fear of being under pressure (low blood pressure). To my greatest bewilderment one day, I asked an old woman why that fear for low blood pressure and not high. Her response left me perplexed. She said, “It is better to be in the middle, that is, normal. But if I have to choose, I will prefer latter.” I tried to find out her reason for saying that after asking a doctor, who told me that both are deadly. The woman said that both are not. She looked at me and said,” The doctors read it in school but we experience it. So we can tell you the difference.” I have seen a few patients who have slumped and dead in hospitals after being told that their blood pressure is below normal. But I have hardly seen patients who died in such a drastic mode after being told of having a high blood pressure. But that doesn’t remove the fact that people don’t die due to high blood pressure.

Life is just like this. Everyday we should strive to attain the minimum. Attaining above and below minimum is worrisome. The best thing to do is to strive for the necessary and avoid the two extremes. Virtue lies in the middle.

Good morning to all and thanks for reading.

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Good morning all. How was your night? Hope you all slept well. This morning, I felt like sharing this piece of write-up with you. Maybe you must have heard of it or read it somewhere sometime. Is about life and smile.

The write-up is in the form of question. It goes like this: ” You have a problem and there is a solution. Why worry?” Or “You have a problem and there is no solution. Why worry?”

Life is simple. We are the ones making it to look complicated. As you go out to start your day, try identify your problems and see if there are solutions or not. Is good you know if there is a solution or not first. Have a wonderful day ahead. Ciao

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I can’t forget the very day I came to understand what perseverance is all about. Just as it was said in the Bible in the parable of the sower, there are many who accept the truth or fact once they are given. But after a few days, everything will return to zero. Faced with the challenges and sacrifices that come with what they are doing, they give up completely. To know is good, to understand is better, and to persevere is the best. The three must go together and in that order for you can only persevere in what you have understood. And you can’t understand without knowing.

Only perseverance will keep you going in life in everything you are doing in order to attain your goals.

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My attention was drawn to them because of the way the guy was acting towards the old man whom I presumed to be his father. The guy put on an angry look while the old man was like someone who was depressed and abandoned. On many occasions the man had asked the guy certain questions but the his responses were short and harsh. On three occasions the guy had answered him like, “I don’t know.” While they were entering the train, the man was carrying a big luggage. I saw how he struggled to carry the luggage into the train alone without the assistance of the guy. Fortunately for him, he found a seat. But I was already prepared to offer him my own seat. The last part of the journey shocked me and I really felt bad in me.

One morning as I took the substation train to school, in front of me were an old man about the age of 70 years or thereabout, who was sitting next to a young guy who should be around half of his age. The guy looked like his son. The shape of their eyes and noses were almost the same.

When we all arrived at the last stop, we all alighted from the train. There were steps that lead to the main exist of the the train station leading to the city. A thought came to me, telling me to offer the old man help by carrying the luggage through the steps but I hesitated. On many instances, I have willingly tried to help some persons in the bus and train stations, but my charity has been refused. It is a kind of fear and shame in me when such things happen. As we were approaching the steps, I turned to ask the old man if I could assist him. But I never moved. Looking at him, he never looked at him. The young guy with him was already close to the last staircase waiting for the old man. Climbing the steps, already in the middle of the steps, the man fell. The luggage rolled down the steps. I was remorseful. I picked up the luggage and took it up for him. I felt bad because what I was afraid of had happened and my charity came late.

Our intuition can never fail us. Following our intuition will always lead us to the right path.