See The Children’s Faces

Greenwood Hopewell

A poem by Greenwood Hopewell, MA.

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21st May 2019

See the children’s faces as they wonder through the snow

The innocence of childhood that adults used to know

Little footprints everywhere, the children they just play

They don’t feel the bitter cold or see a winters day

Instead they run along the ground with snowballs in their

Throwing them at passers by then watching as they land

Little fingers cold as ice and fingers glowing red

As Mother cries “Come on children, come inside, it’s time to
go to bed!”.

See the children’s faces as they wake on Christmas day

Seeing all their presents brought by Rudolf on his sleigh

The magic as they shout, “Mom, Dad! He’s been!”

To adults it’s another day, to children it’s a dream

See the children’s faces and just look at what we…

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A writer, a teacher and a comedian.

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