Life has been easy for anyone. Ask your elders and they will tell you. Ask those you think have made it in life, they will tell you. Perseverance is all what you need. Even when people say you will not make it, don’t listen to them. Keep making efforts.


4 thoughts on “DON’T GET TIRED”

  1. Yes. Nothing Good comes easy. It needs prayers, faith, determination and hard work. Along the line we may begin to feel that we may not get what we are working for. That state of mind do affect us even without our notice. We should learn to be strong by doing our best and handing over the rest to God. There is something I always tell myself at my days in school “If I do what am supposed to do, there is no limit to what I can achieve in life even beyond what am working for” We should NEVER relent on our effort. Even the great people have their own challenging stories to tell on how they became great. DON’T GET TIRED. KEEP MAKING EFFORTS..

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