Never use your eyes to see a problem, for you will only see the size of it. But use your understanding to see your problem.

Non usare mai gli occhi per vedere un problema, poiché vedrai solo la sua dimensione. Ma usa la tua comprensione per vedere il tuo problema.

N’utilisez jamais vos yeux pour voir un problème, vous ne verrez que sa taille. Mais utilisez votre compréhension pour voir votre problème.

Nikada ne koristite oči da biste vidjeli problem, jer ćete vidjeti samo njegovu veličinu. Ali upotrijebite svoje razumijevanje da biste vidjeli svoj problem.

Karka taba amfani da idanun ka domin ganin matsala, domin kawai za ka ga girmanta. Amma yi amfani da fahimtarka dan ganin matsalarka

Published by Chinedu ikechukwu

A writer, a teacher and a comedian.

4 thoughts on “PROBLEM ANALYSIS

  1. We just have to Accept and understand any situation we find ourselves, it helps us in solving the situation. Self acceptance is one step because it is one of the problems, a lot want to be who they are not.

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