Once we are in possession of something, that thing is considered to be ours. Any thing that belongs to someone is for him or her. But I know you must have heard some people especially parents saying that they are working for the future of their children both born and unborn. They toil day and night just for the sake of their children. This particular attitude is found mostly among the elder ones but is very rare among the young generation.

As a young person or a youth, is there anything you are working on presently that will not benefit you but for the generation to come after you? Is there anything in your possession that you consider to be yours that you can’t afford to lose it for the others? It is funny to hear some of the reasons the younger generation gives why they have refused to work for the generation behind them.

It is not too late to work for the future generation. We can learn from Greta Thunberg. This girl is just 16yrs old and what she is fighting for is something some persons considered to be above her capacity and age. But she is on it and doing it with passion despite the inconveniences.



  1. Working for not only yourself but also for the future with passion is a sacrifices. An engineer came to a reverend and told him to stop helping the less privilege, that it makes them lazy, he could remember his own youthful age he suffer and no one helped him; they should also suffer the way he did to achieve anything. Shocking to the engineer, the reverend replied i also suffered during my youthful age but the Almighty God has blessed me. So using it in helping the poor, orphans, widows, widower and all who needs help, is what gives me joy because seeing them happy makes me happy. We shouldn’t act on the negative thought of others. More strength to your elbow Greta Thunberg.

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  2. sincerely speaking its not totally the fault of the younger generation, the government especially that of Africa and Nigeria specifically has a part of the blame to take

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  3. Frere this post is my latest best cos it’s reminds me much about my own heroine “malala” who fought for education in Pakistan ……”One child, one teacher, one book and one pen can change the world.’” (her saying)… It never late to fight for others cos u are not only fighting for other but for self and making the world a better place …… I ALWAYS HAVE THIS BURNING DESIRE FOR THE SICK, UNEDUCATED CHILDREN AND ALSO ORPHANS AND THE LESS PRIVILEGE AND ALSO HELPING YOUTH OUT WHO ARE IGNORANT… And it always been my joy doing it …. I urge my own fellow youth to find something doing that they will not always benefit from but add to the well being of others ……… EVEN CHRIST DIED ON THE CROSS SELFLESSLY WITHOUT ASKING OR BENEFITTING ANYTHING FROM US…… THANKS AND GOD BLESS

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