What on earth will make you think that your parents hate you? Even if their attitudes are not pleasing to you, do you think that they are doing it out of hatred towards you? When we are growing up as children, many of us never liked the attitudes of our parents towards us. But at the end of the day, we see ourselves coming back to say a big “Thank you” to them.

All mothers are good for the very fact that they carried us for nine months in their womb and gave birth to us. If not, they would have aborted us without our permission. Am I lying?


4 thoughts on “THEY ARE ALL GOOD”

  1. No……. Like I said before in the previous post…. Any mother who passes through that period of delightness and joy (gestation period).and gave birth to you. We should that, that kind of mother love and care for us.. She’s just trying to train and bring out the best of us… Like you said at the end of it all we will still go back and apprentice our parents for the training … Kneeling and saying THANK YOU

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