My sorrow was not that I met her at Imago Plaza or I had a nostalgia of the place. It is all about her absence. I so much adored that place. It was filled and saturated of life. When I tell people how the word “Imago” has left a great mark in my life, they fail to believe or understand me. They said I am mad. Is there anything wrong in mourning for a lost friend? Is there anything wrong in crying for someone who we care much about but can not find him or her? Is there anything wrong in searching for something precious in one’s life? That is my journey for now.

Imago Plaza will bear me witness. The trees and soil there will also bear me witness that I sat there weeping and waiting for my love but…… I know you will say that I am crazy! I am not crazy but……


14 thoughts on “IMAGO”

  1. There is nothing wrong in mourning or weeping for a lost friend..cos a true friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future, and accepts you just the way you are.” and if u loose some one like this I bet is worth weeping and mourning for…. YOU ARE NOT CRAZY.. BUT…. U JUST MISSED THANK KIND OF SPECIAL SOMEONE and IMAGO PLAZA is the only witness……. (LOL)

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