It all starts with the mind but does not end with the mind. This post is meant for everyone to read but not for all to understand. Imagination can do a lot of things in our life. It has to do with the mind only.

Magnificat was sung not after delivery but during gestation. Do you know what it means? Do you know what I am trying to say? Leave your answer in the comment box. Thanks


22 thoughts on “GIVE IT A TITLE”

  1. Good day Frere .. First of all let look in to the word GESTATION(The period of time during which an infant animal or human physically develops inside the mother’s body until it is born OR the process of development of a time or idea .).during this period I can say it all come down to the work of the holy spirit. That’s fill in with the idea of the blessed virgin Mary, and them she proclaims this idea out during this powerful gestation period( “my soul” mirrors “my spirit”; “proclaims the greatness” with “has found gladness”; “of the Lord” with “in God my Savior.” The balance of the opening two lines bursts out into a dual Magnificat of declaring the greatness of and finding delight in God. ) also going in a general note every mother pass through gestation.(the period of joy in her life. almost few days to giving birth)
    SO I CAN TITLE IT (THE DELIGHTNESS OF A MOTHER). Thank you and have a happy sunday

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  2. Not all thoughts that comes to our mind are been put into manifest,that is why we say it all start with the mind but is does not end opinion though, Happy Sunday.

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