In many ways I have tried to make my mother understand how much I love her but still there is something lacking. I lack words to express my feelings, joy, happiness, pride, etc., of having her as a mother. My father is not excluded mind you! I saw this comment that took my breath this morning.

“My mother my world”….anytime I remembered about my mother and what she always use to say to me …(she will say Emma the child that remove his mouth from his mother breast should not say that his mother did not feed him well).. She will stop and said Emma I believe I fed you well to be healthy and strong and be this world today And then she will say again Emma always make every opportunity and situation count positively in your life even if it’s a negative scene, try always to be happy and make me happy and proud of you….. I BELIEVE YOU MY SON…………thanks you Frere for reminding this again through this your powerful message…MAMA I WILL ALWAYS MAKE YOU PROUD(MRS VICTORIA OBIAGELI OKENWA)

Copyright: Emmanuel Okenwa


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