I wonder what was going on in her mind. When people express themselves in any situation, something must have taken them aback. People do not react for nothing.

I believe it is the joy and happiness of every parent or parents to see their child or children being valued and well appreciated in society. I will like you to put yourself in her condition. What was she actually thinking while the master was talking? What was actually going on in her mind when the master was teaching with authority? The answer is not far to fetch. It can be seen in her speech.

It might be that this woman had a child or children at home who was or were not really doing well in society. Or her expectation from her children was nothing to write home about. Or she desired her child or children to be like Jesus. Or….. name them. Her statement was not out of jealousy or envy. I don’t think so. It was from her motherhood nature. A woman who desires the best in her children. A woman who wants her child or children to be useful and valuable in society. A woman who wants to see the fruit of her labour in the lifestyle of her child or children that she carried for nine months in her womb and fed them with her breasts milk for a few months.

After admiring the master for a long time, she exclaimed, “Happy the womb that bore you and the breasts you sucked!”

Wherever your mother maybe today, will she be happy to see the kind of person you are? Make them happy by being useful to yourself and society. That is one of the ways we can show love to our mothers.
Keeping the word of God is an act of love. She
(Luke 11: 27 – 28)


20 thoughts on “THE JOY OF MY MOTHER”

  1. “My mother my world”….anytime I remembered about my mother and what she always use to say to me …(she will say Emma the child that remove his mouth from his mother breast should not say that his mother did not feed him well).. She will stop and said Emma I believe I fed you well to be healthy and strong and be this world today And then she will say again Emma always make every opportunity and situation count positively in your life even if it’s a negative scene, try always to be happy and make me happy and proud of you….. I BELIEVE YOU MY SON…………thanks you Frere for reminding this again through this your powerful message…MAMA I WILL ALWAYS MAKE YOU PROUP(MRS VICTORIA OBIAGELI OKENWA)

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