Good day. How are you doing? Hope you are fine. I would like to share with you a story. A very interesting one. But there is a problem. The problem is how to pass the message in the story across to you as me reader and friend. The reason is that I don’t know you will see me or react to me after reading the story. I am really afraid and anxious of your reaction.

The story is about you my reader. It is something that has to do with your private life. But how will you feel if I use this medium to tell or share with the world this thing that has to do with your life as my reader and friend? I guess you will not be happy with me at the beginning, But at the end, your emotion and feelings may change for good. Who knows. I will not like to mention your name but I know as you read the story, just after the first paragraph you will know immediately that I am referring to you. Please. I will need your permission before I can say or write anything.

I await your reply my dear reader and friend.


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