The society we live has made us to live our lives with companions. These can be friends, family members, wives, and husbands. It has been the dream of certain persons to have a life partner while some see it as waste of time and energy. These two categories of persons have their reasons.

Those who are married are not better than those who are not. But it seems as if it is better to handle a single problem than to handle two or more. Once you are married, you will be faced with the reality of handling two problems or more. From this assumption we can say that those who are not married are a bit free and better. Those who are married are not always lucky. Many may end up getting the wrong partner. Is he or she your right partner? There is no thermometer to measure it. Then should you just venture into it or not? No. You must think and calculate well. Hahaha!!! Sounds funny to think and calculate well because sometimes you may not be accurate. What is the way forward?

Published by Chinedu ikechukwu

A writer, a teacher and a comedian.

7 thoughts on “IS HE OR SHE MY PARTNER?

  1. Marriage is a beautiful institution ordained by God,in other for one to venture into it,he or she should pray and ask God for his directions, grace and love,because only him can make all imperfections to be perfect.

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