Dear Reader, good day. How are you doing today? I hope you are doing great. I am excited to have you beside me. My entire being jubilate whenever I come in contact with you. You are just like a precious gift that I can’t afford to miss or lose. You are always in my mind like a newly found lover. I do everything possible everyday in my write-ups to make you happy and comfortable. All my sleepless nights are just moments I used to think of what to tell you.

I love you and my love for you knows no boundary. One thing I ask from you today. As long I make effort to make you happy, please, do your best to reciprocate it. Thanks for being there especially when I least expected it.


4 thoughts on “THOUGHT”

  1. Hi Chinedu,
    Hope you are well. All is ok here but Tuesday is fourth anniversary of mum’s r.i.p. death and she is in my thoughts.
    The last two nights I have had sleepless nights with thoughts of mum & a friend who is sick in hospital.
    This morning I reblogged a post about journal hopping which has been therapeutic and helped to ‘unstick’ me.
    Thank God for creativity. 🙂🙏

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