Charity is an act we all like to carry out especially to the person(s) next to us. But must we impovrishe others in order to carry out our act of charity? This is the sole relationship between some African countries and the western world. It is called, “Charity with Profit.”


4 thoughts on “CHARITY WITH PROFIT”

  1. There is an adage that says ” robbing peter to pay Paul”. Indeed, this brief article ” ,charity with profit” portrays what most of our rich young men and women do today in the name of gift to God. It marvels me that some people claim that God supports their evil deeds just for the fact that they succeed in their evil action, hence they often claim to thank God for protecting them during their operation. Do you think that God supported your evil deeds by allowing you to succeed in the operation? No God never supported you, rather he just gave you an opportunity for you to repent. Thus, next time you may see another kind of God. Finally, it is not morally recommendable to steal so as to pay hospital bill, or to steal to build church etc. Evil is evil even when everyone is doing evil, good is good even when no one is doing good. God bless you

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