One of the deadliest thing in life is not death or viral infection but it is fear. Fear they said can rub you of your joy, happiness, success, hope, and the like. Fear is one of the major causes of failure in life. With fear you can’t think or reason well in terms of decision making.

I am here to tell you my own side of the story which may sound strange or stupid to your hearing. I once told a friend that I like failing in life and that was the end of our friendship till today. Nobody likes failure. Nobody prays or wants to fail in anything in life. But that is not it. For me, fear is a stimulator. Fear makes me to be on the alert for any eventuality in my life. Fear in view of a future activity gives me the impetus to prepare well. Success is a made up of tons of failures. I don’t know if it works for you like this.

Before I hated failure with passion but now I am beginning to like it. But there is one thing you need to understand here. Try to fail quickly and learn from it. Don’t fail lately because it won’t give you enough time to make the necessary changes and corrections for the future. When you are not afraid of failure you will progress well in life.

Learn to manage and channel your fear to the right direction. We live with it on daily basis. And once you are afraid of being afraid, you will be afraid of almost everything including failure. And when you are afraid of failure, you will never make progress in life. Take risk but wisely.


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