This has been the phrase of all young people outside there,that moment when they finally decide to start another stage in life with a partner. Time of play is over, it is time to mean business. Yes, you were playing before, going to places and doing things the way they pleased you. But to settle down with a life partner is a different ball game altogether.

One major mistake that people normally do when they finally want to settle down is trying to know the other person or life partner. There is nothing wrong with it but it shouldn’t be the first thing. The first thing is self awareness: knowing oneself. If you don’t know yourself well, how can you cope with another person? It is practically impossible. Knowing oneself will go a long way assisting you to learn how to cope with the other person. Remember that no matter how you work hard to change someone especially an adult, you may practically end up wasting your time and energy. You can only change yourself and understand yourself so as to live well with the other person.

Self awareness is the only solution to living in peace with others because it will enable you to know the kind of person(s) that can be accomdated in your own lifestyle.


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