Many of us were lucky enough to have our parents still alive especially when we were still kids. We enjoyed the love, care, and training they showed us. But many are not in the same category with us.

At the age of 4, Siso lost her mother as a result of an infection and two years later after the death of her mother, her father died in a ghastly motor accident. She was taken out of her village by her aunt who intended training her but the attitude if her aunt’s husband was not friendly. The young man was did everything to molest Siso but did not succeed. Unable to find a solution to the problem, Siso’s aunt took her back to the village just to save her home from crashing. With nothing tangible and reasonable doing, Siso was introduced into the act of prostitution by some of her friends. During this period, she was able to save some money from the illicit work with the intention of using the cash that would be realised to travel to the Northern part of the country to see one of her uncles.

In the house of her uncle, the situation was quite similar to that she experienced with the husband of her aunt. But this time around , it was with the son of his uncle, her own cousin. What a mess. She reported the case to her uncle, but her uncle’s wife misunderstood everything and she was thrown out of the house at the end of the day.

Another good Samaritan picked her up and helped her until she was able to finish her primary school after which she was taken back to her village. In her village, she started hawking wares to feed herself. Seeing how hardworking she was, a young man who was impressed with the way she was putting every effort of hers to make ends meet, decided to assist her in her little business. But this marked the beginning and the end of her life. Living in a nearby city close to Siso’s village, the young man invited her to come to his house. Siso came as demanded by him and he gave her some cash as promised to run her little business.

Things turned around the very day she came to show appreciation to the young man who helped her. While she was in his room discussing with him, she was raped. Three months later, she discovered that she was pregnant. The man volunteered to take good care of her until she gives birth. At the second trimester, she came to live with the rapist. She was locked up in a room for months. Food and water were the only thing that were been given to her until she she finally joined her ancestors with her unborn child in that same room where she was locked up.


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