Dear Somto

How are you doing today my lovely friend and sister? Hope you are fine. For a long time, I have been thinking on how to pass this message to you. Finally today, I have cone to a conclusion.

The spirit of focus is something difficult to attain in life. But once attain, you will be the happiest person on earth. Do everything possible within your reach to be focused and concentrated in whatever you are doing. I came to realise that when we don’t have focus, we waste energy and never achieve anything reasonable in life. You are still young and vibrant. Starts learning now how to be focused. Focus here means been present at the present without any deviation of attention, and if there should be any deviation, it should be under your will. Look ahead of you and see the challenges awaiting you. This will prove to you that you just need to be focused because that is the only solution. Start practicing it now before it maybe too late.

See you soon! Have a nice day


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