2 thoughts on “A Paradox or An Irony?”

  1. The article titled “do I really love you Africa” by Ikechukwu chinedu really caught my attention. The author asked so many questions, used so many idioms to describe how foolish he is in using his his gift in developing our people’s country while his is shambles. However, this article from my own point of view has as well great spiritual connotations, which implies, that one asks himself the same question. Do I really have gift of God? If yes, what do I do with the gift? Do I use it for God or against God? These questions will remind one of the cry of st. Paul in Roman 1:25, where he lamented against the Romans who worshipped God created without worshipping God who created them. Indeed, it is obvious that everyone has his or her own God’s gift, but how do you use those gifts of God? Are you using it in foolish way or in a wise way?

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