DAY 28

My final year.

My project wasn’t going as straight-forward as I expected. I was to be getting at least some results by then. I had repeated the preliminary procedure about twice, while experimenting with the variables, but no favourable result was coming forth. Time was running by, and I hadn’t got past the preliminary step. I was really stressed up. I was distraught.

One day in school, while I was working on my theory, and worrying deeply about my practical, I just packed up my things, went out of school, and headed home.

I met Daddy and Mummy at home, and (surprisingly and happily) Sister Ada. I told them my problem, my worries; I poured it out to them. They prayed for and laid hands on me, one after the other, and then they anointed me.
After that moment, a heavy weight was lifted off me, and I went back to school invigorated.

Things started falling in better in my project; and even where/when it didn’t, I was so empowered that I didn’t worry as much.

Then came the project defence.

I was so petrified on that day, as I had received a disheartening remark from my Supervisor just the previous evening. Beneath my suit, I was in turmoil, and full of trepidation.

Just before we started, I called Daddy. “I was about to go defend.” I’m sure he felt my anxiety from the intense tremors in my voice.

“Nna, don’t worry. We’ll go to the chapel for you.”

Then, almost immediately, he was like, “What are we even going to the chapel for? Let me pray for you”. And he prayed for me. “…You are blessed.”

As I told my course-mates immediately after, no one, but me, knows what happened in that defence. No one can understand. That’s… You won’t understand.

In your time of distress, adversity, turmoil, go home. Go home. Whatever home means to you: a place, a feeling, a people. Go home.
It may not take the struggles away; but it will strengthen you, to take those challenges head-on, and conquer them.

©Uzor, Ekenedilichukwu


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