DAY 18

I had stayed 2 years at home, after secondary school, with no admission, and was getting frustrated. Some of my classmates got admitted the year of our graduation. Many others, some of whom I attended lessons with (those were fun, by the way) had been admitted.

I just wanted to gain admission. Man was tired. I was like, any course that comes, as far it was in a University, I was so studying it. Anything.

I wrote JAMB that year, I’ve forgotten my score that year. I wrote POST-UTME for UNN and ESUT; wait, even EBSU (Chai! Ije admission), when they said you didn’t need to have chosen them to write—used it to chop money that year.

UNN didn’t even give somebody face, after we braved the Ebola threat, and bathed with salt-water, to write Screening exam. EBSU packed our money and walked away. ESUT gave me admission—Physical and Health Education. I had applied to study Medicine and Surgery.

Wait. I know I had said I would study anything. But, this wasn’t the “anything” I expected na; PHE xi.
Nna! It was then I remembered that GO-Uni had come to our school in our SS3, to create awareness about the university. That was how I went there (I was sincerely afraid they wouldn’t grant me admission), and studied Biotechnology.

A lesson that experience taught me: Never be ready to accept anything, ’cause anything could also be nothing.

©Uzor, Ekenedilichukwu


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