How painful it is. How discouraging it is. How useless it is when you see there is no way forward. The dryness is something else. You have tried many times but failed. And a voice is telling you to try again. I 😭 every single day I go on my kneels to pray and ask for the same thing. Many voices will tell you, “There is no need praying. It is not yours. Can’t you see from all indication nothing is forthcoming?”

I am telling you as a living testimony, never give up. Continue praying and working towards it. You are not God. You can’t command Him. Just be patient with Him. I worked for it countless times didn’t get it. But finally when I least expected it, I went for it and I got it. It wasn’t an easy journey.

I pray He does the same for you. But promise yourself that you will never give up!

Good morning


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