DAY 15

Have you ever observed a spider spin its web? Did you notice the consistency, effort and time invested in that web; from the centre going on to as wide as they could get? It could be a beautiful sight, trust me. And then a stick or broom goes through, laying all that energy, that time, that effort, to nought.

But what does the spider do? It doesn’t stay to defend its territory. It scampers off to safety, if it can, and then comes back, to spin another web.

Insignificant as that cycle may be, there are some lessons to be drawn:

  • HE WHO FIGHTS AND RUNS AWAY, LIVES TO FIGHT AGAIN ANOTHER DAY: Some situations are no-win cases. That’s a fact. But, in a bid to prove tenacity, grit and will-power, some waste time and energy holding on to lost causes, staring on at dead ends. Walk, run away, let go; and live to fight another day.
  • RISE ABOVE SELF-PITY: You may have invested a lot of time, energy, resources, in a project, and it eventually falls through. Don’t waste time wallowing in self-pity; it’s an unproductive place. Instead, rise and get to work spinning another web.
  • IT’S IN YOU!: So that project fell through, and you’re thinking where you can get the mental strength, energy, focus to start all over. It’s in you! The energy for the previous came from you, and if you can believe in yourself, you’ll find it again.

Principles of life, are actually inter-connected; and if we look well enough, we can always find what to apply in ours.

© Uzor, Ekenedilichukwu


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