One fateful day, I sat down in my garden to think about something. I mean something. Sitting down there, nothing was forthcoming to my mind to think about. From where I was, I saw two reptiles fighting. What was the cause of their fighting? One found a dead insect and was feeding on it. While eating, another one came out from nowhere and rushed towards the other one. The first lizard was furious and attacked immediately. It was a fierce battle and I enjoyed the scene. At the end, I was that police that stopped the fight.

I came to understand from that little scenario that anger and fear come when we are afraid of losing something. If am not right, ask yourself this, “The last you were angry or afraid of something, what was the cause?” I bet you, you will give me reason on what I said above.

I am inviting you into my poor world which is not an imaginary one but real. You can only enter into it with self awareness. It looks paradox. It looks impossible if not difficult; to be happy and at the same to be sad and be anxious and at the same to be free from fear. It is possible. Put your problem in front of you and analyse it outside you.

Published by Chinedu ikechukwu

A writer, a teacher and a comedian.

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