Life presents situations to us in many forms. Sometimes we are at gain and sometimes at loss. But the most important thing is that in life, we need to learn in every circumstance that occurs.

I pitied him. I felt like crying when he was narrating it to me. Out of pity for him and emotions, I was unable to finish the content in my glass cup. I lost words to console him. I didn’t know what to call it or a name to give the act. But before the end of our stay together I finally came up with a name. It is called an Extreme Charity.

For years he had been in the quest for a job, I mean a better one. Life is Europe is something else. If you are not careful, you might be living from one hand to another hand. It would be no more from hand to mouth because almost all your earnings would be consumed without mercy in house rent, electric and water bills, not to talk of feedings.

A few weeks ago, he was lucky to be called for a job interview. Though it wasn’t really a job interview but just to see and speak with the boss in question before he could officially commence work. On that fateful day, as he prepared to go for the interview, a few minutes before he could leave, he saw a friend of his by name Erma who too had been looking for a better job for years like him. Out of pity he told his friend that he was going for a job interview if he could join him so that he could try his luck. When they both arrived the venue, the boss was surprised to see two persons instead of one as agreed. He explained to the boss who Erma was to him. At the end the boss accepted but on one condition, that he could only interview one person at a time and not both. When it was time to go in, Erma rushed his way forward. His friend called Erma and said, ” Guy, I am the one that brought you here. At least out of respect, you should allow me to go first.” Before he could finish what he was saying, Erma had already made his way to the door. He entered and closed it. Erma spent almost 45mins there and when he was done, the boss could not continue anymore because he had an emergency call he needed to attend. They were both dismissed and the boss asked Erma’s friend to keep in touch with him that he would call him sooner or later. A few days later, Erma was employed. And that was end of everything. What a world! Some days are like that.

Published by Chinedu ikechukwu

A writer, a teacher and a comedian.


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