How painful and inhuman it is when I see parents who have been abandoned by their child or children. I don’t know what on earth your parents can do that will make you to abandone them. Think of it from this point of view. If they had never wanted you, it would have been easy for them to terminate your existence while you were still in the womb. Even though you were born out of wedlock, that is not an enough reason for you to act in such a way.

Whenever I come in contact with such parents, it increases my unconditional love for my parents and siblings while I empathise with them. Your parents don’t need your money, your gifts, your house, your cars, etc. All they need is your sincere smile and love towards them, that love which material things can’t express but with a smiling face, doing little things for them in an extraordinary way, and a passionate hug, you will melt their hearts into streams of joy and happiness.

To all my friends out there who are full or partial orphans, courage and take heart. It is an event that has only one pathway in life. All our prayer is that, may they find a peaceful rest in the other world. Amen.

Show some love to them while they are still alive. 😘😘😘😘