Better to die in the quest for wisdom and knowledge than to settle for mediocrity.

Searching for knowledge is not an easy task. It is total imprisonment. 😢

The quest for wisdom is the beginning of your imprisonment. 🤔🤔🤔🤔

When you depend on someone psychologically and emotionally, it implies that you depend on another human being for your happiness. Anthony de MELLO

Where you see as hell is heaven for others. 

He never promised to wipe away your tears. But He promised you that those tears will be tears of joy.

It is not all about going to church but it has to do with your lifestyle and personal relationship with God

Published by Chinedu ikechukwu

A writer, a teacher and a comedian.

2 thoughts on “DO YOU KNOW THAT….

  1. Its really not about to Church just like you said, it much more than that, Because God leaves the heart of those who believe in him and everyone has a way of communication with God in which ever way they feel he will hear them

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