I try to understand the stress you are passing through but I am sure that I will not totally understand it. When people see you, they only see a smiling face but they don’t know you are going through. They don’t understand the kind of prison you have imprisoned yourself all in the name of studies. We will never understand. Only you know what you are passing through. That journey is not funny at all. But it is all for good.

I used this opportunity to remember and pray for all my friends ( Stephen Ekene, Malachi, Smason, Mary, Omala Junior, Zinko, Alex, etc) out there who are doing their PhD programme, may God bless you all in your efforts and struggle. Despite the stress and worries now, I am sure that one day, it will be over and you will finish it successfully. Courage and best of luck.

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  1. Motivational indeed.
    One day our various struggles will pay off and the testimonies Will be visible for all to see.
    Thanks for those kind and encouraging words, mado Tonero even though ain’t on the PhD list.
    More power to your elbow, you’re doing a great job

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