There is nothing that gives people joy when they are been loved by others. We all desired to be loved and to love others because that is how our society has been structured for years now. People run into depression, anxiety, worries, fears, and the like when they are not loved by others. These are people who depend on others psychologically and emotionally for their happiness.

I was in the church today, it was about the love of Christ. I was touched by the words of the priest. God didn’t promise us that kind of peace that is be free from wars, pains, bitterness, hunger, etc. The kind of peace He promised us is totally different from what we are thinking. This peace in question is that peace that even in the misdt of all the trials and hardship in life, we will still be at peace with ourselves because we have nothing to lose. We feel pain and grief when we lose something or somebody. This is because we are attached to them. The very moment we start employing “The Nonclinging Base Theory in our relationship with people according to Anthony de MELLO, we will understand what this peace is all about. Jesus said, “I give you My peace, not as the world gives you.” This implies that the peace the world gives us is not the true peace because it doesn’t last. But the peace of God is an everlasting peace.

Detach yourself from the things of this world. Have the Nonclinging Base Theory in your relationship with people and your likeness for material things. This is the only means you can attain that real peace. You can find the explanation of “The Nonclinging Base Theory” of love in one of my recent posts.

In the bible, Jesus rightly said it. He said, “For you to be my true disciple, you must renounce everything ; family members, material things, etc and follow me.” He knew well that once we are not attache to these, we are good to go and that lasting peace will be ours.

I know right now, you may be thinking that this is not possible. How can we not feel pain or grief when we lose something or someone? You are right. It is a normal human phenomenon. But once you understand the Nonclinging Base Theory of love which generates peace, you will agree with me. From my own world, this is perfectly possible.

I wish you that perfect peace in your life.

Published by Chinedu ikechukwu

A writer, a teacher and a comedian.

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