Character, personality, and behaviour are just like virus. They can’t not survive outside you. They are ONLY MEANINGFUL inside you. That is why the moment you try to eliminate especially the bad ones, that will be the very moment they will prove to you that they have all what it takes to survive in you. But that doesn’t mean that they can’t be eradicated just like the viruses we know.

From my own experience, just like viruses, once you block a particular pathway for their survival, they will create not only one but this time around more pathways. And if you are strict in terms of drug administration and follow up you will not counter their effect. The same thing is applicable to character, personality and behaviour. They are neither easy to learn nor to change. But their eradication is a total nightmare. It can be discouraging, annoying, irritating, and the like. Just as in the case of viruses, we need to be strict (self discipline and perseverance) in eradicating bad attitudes in us. I wish myself and all those outside there who are struggling daily to fight against one vice or the other in their lives.