Darkness was the master of the day. The trees were bowing and rising as the cool balmy air of the night was blowing. Silence was in total control of the atmosphere inside the house until a shrill sound was heard at the door. Mida woke up like a mad dog and moved close the door of the bedroom, moved his heard very close to it in order to hear something and understand what was going on. “Honey, what is it?” His wife asked. He made her a sign to remain quiet. “Where are there? Come out now and entertain your visitors or we will bring down this house like the walls of Jerico,” a voice said. His wife asked him not to go. But after a few seconds, he took the courage and open the door. The bedroom door led to the parlour. 

His wife took their 6years old daughter and hid her inside the wardrobe. The little girl was trembling and shivering at the same time. “Don’t move or talk until I ask you to do so?” She said to her as she closed the wardrobe. She moved close to the door, just behind it. She heard every conversation made between her husband and the armed men. Tears on her eyes and heart beating very fast when she heard the unmerited and barbaric demand of the men. There came another sound. That was the sound that sent her husband straight to the floor and left him unconscious. “The woman will collaborate well with us,” one of the armed men said. They tied Mida’s legs and arms and asked his wife to show them where their money was. “Please, take whatever you want and leave my family alive for me,” she said to them. One of the men forced his way into the bedroom and went straight to the wardrobe. There the money was and their daughter. “How did he know that the money was there?” She asked herself. The young man came out with a suitcase filled with cash and the little girl. “Second line of action,” one of the armed men said. They asked the woman to undress and lie down. She hesitated but her strength could not save her. She was overpowered and the barbaric act was fully done by the four men one after the other. She went through hell and came back during the act. She was there on the floor like a lifeless body with a wrapper covering her from her chest to her knees. Mida regained consciousness and saw how his wife was lying on the floor. He thought she was dead. He wanted to move but discovered that he was tied. He looked at the suitcase that was on the centre table and smiled. “What else do you want?” He asked them. “Don’t talk too much or else you will see the worst happening in your very presence. It was out of respect we did the other one without you seeing it. We are not as bad as you think. You collaborate well with us and there will be many casualties, okay,” One of the men said. The moment Mida saw the undies of his wife close to one of the armchairs, he understood already what the men had done to his wife. In anger, he gave a loud cry and was able to cut the rope on his wrists. The men were just watching him. Her daughter was held by one of the men.”Do you want to fight us?” One of them asked him. “If I do what will happen?” He replied to them. “You want to see what will happen? Okay, watch the worst happening live. We will entertain you well this time,” one of them said. In his presence, his daughter was raped while he was been held by three of them. To conclude their criminal and inhuman act, a knife was pierced through the private part of his wife and they left peacefully, rejoicing over the success of their operation that night. Blood and water made their way down the floor from her injury. 

Published by Chinedu ikechukwu

A writer, a teacher and a comedian.


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