The act of introspection should be a daily task for everyone who really wants to live a well balanced and organised life. Taking time to think about ourselves is the perfect way to evaluate our lives. This evaluation should be a sincere and truthful one, not just for doing sake but for the sake of knowing who we are through and through. Introspection gives us a clear picture of who and what we are without the other person telling us.

I believe it is high time we accepted ourselves the way we are. This will enable us to cope with that guilt and anger which usually come to us whenever people tell us who we really and truly are. Why being angry when you are been told what and who you really and truly are? We are angry because we have failed to accept who and what we are in character and otherwise. Why being angry when people judge you through your words and actions which go concurrently? Do you think you are right in being angry with that person? 🤔

I bless you all.


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