My attention was drawn to them because of the way the guy was acting towards the old man whom I presumed to be his father. The guy put on an angry look while the old man was like someone who was depressed and abandoned. On many occasions the man had asked the guy certain questions but the his responses were short and harsh. On three occasions the guy had answered him like, “I don’t know.” While they were entering the train, the man was carrying a big luggage. I saw how he struggled to carry the luggage into the train alone without the assistance of the guy. Fortunately for him, he found a seat. But I was already prepared to offer him my own seat. The last part of the journey shocked me and I really felt bad in me.

One morning as I took the substation train to school, in front of me were an old man about the age of 70 years or thereabout, who was sitting next to a young guy who should be around half of his age. The guy looked like his son. The shape of their eyes and noses were almost the same.

When we all arrived at the last stop, we all alighted from the train. There were steps that lead to the main exist of the the train station leading to the city. A thought came to me, telling me to offer the old man help by carrying the luggage through the steps but I hesitated. On many instances, I have willingly tried to help some persons in the bus and train stations, but my charity has been refused. It is a kind of fear and shame in me when such things happen. As we were approaching the steps, I turned to ask the old man if I could assist him. But I never moved. Looking at him, he never looked at him. The young guy with him was already close to the last staircase waiting for the old man. Climbing the steps, already in the middle of the steps, the man fell. The luggage rolled down the steps. I was remorseful. I picked up the luggage and took it up for him. I felt bad because what I was afraid of had happened and my charity came late.

Our intuition can never fail us. Following our intuition will always lead us to the right path.

Published by Chinedu ikechukwu

A writer, a teacher and a comedian.

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