Do you think you have all the time in this world to live? No, you don’t. It is nothing but an illusion of the mind. I have seen many who were with me last week but today there are nowhere to be found. I spoke with them in many projects, dreams, aspirations, etc. that they had. But today, there are nowhere to be found, They are in the land of the oblivion.
Do you think you have all the months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, and seconds in the world to spend the way you like? Your answer may be yes, and I will say that you are right. Yes, you are perfectly right. But, I want to tell you that you are perfectly wrong as well. It is nothing but an illusion. Many started the day with me perfectly well. The day before their death, they had already in mind what the will do the next day. Spiritually, academically, professionally, and otherwise, they are better than me. But in less than 24hrs, I found them in the hospital, all in critical condition. A terrible incident happened in the subway station where they were all trapped in the escalator that got broken. A few lost their lives, where some would definitely come out with incomplete body parts from the hospital. None of them knew that that day would be like that for them. We all made plans on how we were going to live that very day before leaving our various houses, but something else happened.

Do you think you have the whole time at your hand? No, it is nothing but an illusion. You only have the present, just a second because, in the next second, you don’t know what may happen to you. Do you know that many woke up with me today, they prayed, left their houses healthy and strong for their various places of work and never returned to their homes? The place I went to see them was in the mortuary. Tears could not bring them back. We planned already how the evening would be when we all must have been through with our daily activities in school and places of work respectively. But a few of us, instead of spending our evening with joy and happiness, with faces filled with smile, we were in the homes of our deceased friends to console and empathise with their families. Our joy was turned into sorrow and our outing was turned into a gathering of mourners.

Do you think that you have the whole time in this world? You only have the second and not even the minute or the hour you are living because you don’t know what will be your fate in the next second. Try to live every single second of your life wisely. Once spent, you will never have it back. It is gone and gone forever. Today may be your last day in this world. Do not say God forbid, for I know that will be what you will say. Nobody prays for that. Nobody prays for death. Mind you, all my friends who lost their lives in the malfunctioned escalator never prayed or wished to die that way. They never thought of what happened. For years the escalator has been working perfectly well, why must it be that very day they were on it that it chooses to malfunction? Can you answer me? If you can, please, do. I will be happy to receive your reply. But if you can’t, then think about it. Today may be your last day on earth. Once you are dead, everything is gone.

Do you think you have all the time on earth? 

Published by Chinedu ikechukwu

A writer, a teacher and a comedian.

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