I was born like every other person in the same world. But we all never grew up in the same way. We all have stories to tell the world. A story can be a tragedy or a comedy. Some may be good to the ears while some may not. But the same ears must listen to them all. Life has not been merciful when I was growing up as a child, not only to me alone but to all those around me whom I called my brother, my sister, my neighbour, and my fellow citizens. I will never be ashamed to tell the world my story because they are part of my life and that has made me who and what I am today.
I grew up in a place where leaders see power and authority like an entitlement. Who knows if they were been taught like that by the colonial masters. Once received, it can never be returned. As the slogan goes, “Power is not given but it is taken by force.” We elected them, we put them there, but at the end of the day, they will abandon us once the power is given to them. Before they got into power, they promised us heaven and earth, they were like brothers, sisters, and parents to us. They would condemn everything the present government was doing, using any means to prove to us that they would be the best once elected. And once elected, they would forget those who placed them there. We became a stranger, a nuisance, distraction, and even an enemy to them. Where have we offended them?
I grew up in a place where two people are fighting for the good of their citizens. It looks real and makes sense right? But the irony here is that if they are fighting for the good of the people, why are they killing the same people they are fighting for? How can you be killing the persons you said you want their good? How possible is that? When you asked both parties; “Why are you fighting?” The answer you will get will be the same; “We are fighting to for the freedom of the people.” Which people? The ones you are killing or the once you sent overseas for protection? Then should not the fight be between you and the opposition? Why are you using the citizens as your prey? It is indeed an irony. If it is a foreigner doing this to me, I will understand. But it is you, my own brother, sister, and fellow citizens. 
I grew up in a place where leaders will refuse to quit their posts of authority even when those who elected said they should. They like to remain in power until death. But that was not the agreement. That was not what the law said. You are in power and the people you are ruling are dying in hunger, pain, misery and negligence. The forces who are supposed to protect the citizens have turned against them and are now killing them. They offer protection to you and to you alone. You gave them ammunition to protect you and your family alone if at all your family is still in under your jurisdiction and ask them to handle the citizens the way they deserve. Your urge to remain in power for years has wasted lives and properties. Parts of human beings now litter the streets like dry leaves from trees in autumn. The aroma from dead bodies is the only fragrance we can now perceive. The songs of war are the only song our soul is adapted to. Each day that passed, a cry of mourning, lamentation and agony would be heard. 
My joy in all this is that I grew up in a place where there was once peace, harmony, love, and understanding until…..


Published by Chinedu ikechukwu

A writer, a teacher and a comedian.

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