I imagine the kind of family I grew up from. Sometimes I asked myself if I was educated. And if yes, who educated me? What kind of brain do I have? What kind of thinking faculty do I have? If at all, I saw the four walls of higher institution, what did I learn from there? I wonder the kind of transformation that has taken place in my life. I wonder what has come over me. When I traveled to visit my neighbours, I admire the kind of infrastructures they are having. I praise them. I cherished them. I wish my people could be like them. Before leaving I would give them part of my resources to continue developing their lands while my own people perish in pain, hunger, joblessness, lack of infrastructure, and the like. They thanked me and called me, “The Wise Man.” Shame on me. It was only an ironical statement they made. I am a fool, a fool at 40.

Once I entered my own country, I put on that machine mind, the naive mentality, the wicked and devilish spirit. I start to see things in the same way just like before. The memories of my neighbour’s places would vanish like flash of light. I am happy that my people are suffering, dying in pain, killing themselves in unseless wars and fighting for no just cause. I am happy with my neighbour’s humanitarian service and charity, all disguised in the name of helping my people. How foolish and devilish I am. I have food but my people are dying of hunger. I have water but my people are dying of thirst. I have all it takes to make my people far greater than my neighbours but I categorically refused to reason it right. My neighbours make weapons and give them to me to give to my own people as if they were birthday presents. As long as we kill ourselves, their businesses progress. As long as we continue to fight, the humanitarian service and charity would continue to flourish. I am not against charity or humanitarian service of any kind. What I am against is creating an avenue to execute them or exhibit them to the detriment of the other persons.

When will I rise from my fallen ground? When will I wake up from my slumber? When will I have a mind of flesh instead of a mind of a machine? When will I start making use of my common senses? I have failed to look left and right, back and front, to see if there is hope to reverse the situation. In all these, my neighbours are still happy with me and even promised to do more for me if I continue in the same plan and method of ruling. 😥😥😥😥

Do I love you Africa?

Published by Chinedu ikechukwu

A writer, a teacher and a comedian.

55 thoughts on “DO I REALLY LOVE YOU AFRICA?

  1. Good luck Chinedu. About ten years before retiring from Public Health Nursing, nurse prescribing with limited items from British National formulary was introduced. We studied and sat an exam at Manchester University recognised by nursing board. It was useful in our work.
    The local pharmacists were more than helpful both during and after our studies.
    Good luck in your studies.
    Take care.

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      1. Looks like my reply not come up again Chinedu. Did a nurse prescribing course prescribing set items from British National formulary. Was invaluable as part of my practice as a Public Zhealth Nurse. Local pharmacists were more than helpful both during and after the course. Good luck 👍.

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  2. Had forgotten you were based in Rome Chinedu.
    Thank you re comments about African dress. I think now that pic was taken day before my last day. I flew home on a Saturday evening and I always wore this African dress on Fridays which, as you know is Friday prayer day and I wore it as a mark of respect for my Muslim friends. I wore African clothes a lot during my stay but this outfit was always worn on Fridays.
    Yes Chinedu, getting to know Africa.
    Nice, warm day here in England for the time of year. Is Rome quite hot at present?

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  3. Wow Chinedu, what a post.
    You recently posted a comment on my blogpost ‘hellos and goodbyes’. The two waitresses had their own story to tell behind those smiles as did I. This post, although not directly related it somehow helps me in recognising this.

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    1. Hahahahahaha. U are right. As one who is familiar with Africa, you will understand what I am trying to say. Thanls for reading. The picture is indeed a nice one. Just like the traditional attires u were putting on


    2. Hahahahahaha. U are right. As one who is familiar with Africa, you will understand what I am trying to say. Thanls for reading. The picture is indeed a nice one. Just like the traditional wears


    1. Is so sympathetic. It is a cross I carry from the very day I started reason well till today. And I will carry it till grave because I don’t think things will get better one day. I just have to be sincere to myself

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      1. I’ve seen a documentary about what you wrote, where a girl who was able to study and get away from her place, came back to take her parents near her.

        Then her mother, with her tears, explained that she could never leave her place, her relatives, the poor land of her ancestors … and it was shocking …

        But the girl managed to help her place transferring her knowledge of the agricultural sector that had a problem …

        I wish and I hope everything goes well Τony ❤

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      2. We had been hoping for years; my forefathers were. But looking at what is happening today, we just have to tell ourselves the bitter truth. There seems to be no hope as long as the brutes are still in power

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      3. Not only in Africa Tony …. but in all over the world …. something we have done wrong… and we have to find solutions for the next generation…. difficult but in my opinion we must struggle for this ….

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      4. You have already change ladder … you educated .. you can help other children to do the same…..

        Many children of today …can make the difference of tommorow……

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      5. You are perfectly right. Many prefer to die instead leaving their homes, lands and property they had been with for years. It has never been easy to leave one’s home. For even in exile you will always remember your home

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