When I sit and think about the way some persons in life act and reason, it pisses me off. What for Christ sake will push you to be so cruel more than the devil himself if I may put it that way.
At the age of 6, she was turned into a sex machine by the so-called uncle. Abused for years, and she was dying in silence. Ignorant we might say was what made her not to voice out or cry for help. Was she the cause of her parents’ early death? No, of course, she wasn’t. But sometimes, nature can be cruel. At the age of 13, she was forced into marriage by a different uncle. The marriage was a hell-on-earth. Three months after marriage, she became pregnant and died with her child during child labour. Karma where are you? You take time to act but we strongly believe that someday sometime, you will do your job. We patiently await you to see how you will repay our oppressors. Forgiveness we have given them, but the scar of their cruelty still remains in us.
Rest in peace Halima! 😢😢😢

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  1. your story is a pathetic one dear Halima. Humans were cruel to you. You’ll certainly enjoy peace in the divine realm

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