There are good and bad memories in life one can always recall as long as life continues. These are what have formed part of our history on earth as human beings. We will all live to tell them someday sometime.

I woke up that morning filled with so much joy and happiness. My siblings were not left behind. They were also happy about the great adventure that I was about to take. My immediate younger sister asked me, “What will I do if someone comes to beat me up or fight with me?” I smiled and said, “Do not fight back, but remove your foot wears and run.” Her statement reminded me of the very day I fought with two persons on her behalf who threatened to beat her up for no just reason. My two other younger siblings were just looking at me. A look with smile amidst sorrow and emotion. My luggage has been put in place by my lovely mom.

I perceived the aroma of a delicious soup I liked so much then that was called “Anabala” in my dialect. That was the very meal my mom prepared for me that day of my departure. The table was set for our guest while my siblings and I were in the bedroom having ours there. We talked and laughed while eating. Many demands were made concerning what I would bring for them from my adventure. Without any hesitation, I accepted to satisfy each person according to her demand when I would return. After the meal, the entire climate changed. That was the first time I saw how much my family loved me dearly. The quiteness that enveloped the room was frightening, they were unable to look at me for the fear of not to cry aloud. But I have to go. They all waved at me as I took the main entrance of the house to leave.

Published by Chinedu ikechukwu

A writer, a teacher and a comedian.

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