Since time immemorial, this particular concept has developed in the lives of men and embedded itself in him to form part of his being. He carries it wherever he goes even to the grave. But I strongly believe that worries and problems are subjective rather than objective.

When you are able to control your subconscious mind and your the way you see life, you will never be angry or be worried about anything in life. This I thought was practically impossible. But after reading some psychologist and philosophical books about the human mind, I came to understand that whatever name you baptise the events of life with, that they will take and will be realised in the practical aspects of your life. One of these books that baffled me most was “The Game of Life, and How to Play it.” Look critically at those things you see as problems or worries in your life, you are the cause why they are what they are because that was the name you gave them. The moment you allow the words of people and events around you to have full control on you, then you are like a remote control or like a porous vessel. There was a day someone insulted me while I was trying to do him a charity. It wasn’t only that he rejected my charity but he insulted me on it. Maybe he misunderstood my intention. Before leaving his presence, I thanked him and left. People who were around were the ones who became angry on my behalf and were mad at him. They wanted to tear him apart. What I said to myself after the incident was, “Tony, bless this young man. See in him the image of the Divinity. You don’t know what he is passing through at that moment or before, and remember, it was only a charity which could be accepted or rejected.” Instantly, I became happier than even before the incident. I never allowed the thought to control me or make me sad. A few days later, I was completely nonplussed about the whole thing. There were many instances in my life that I have applied this principle and it worked perfectly for me.

When you are been provoked or faced with an unpleasant experience, you have the choice whether to allow the situation to control you or you control it. The choice is yours to make, whether to be angry or remain in the state of mind you were. Since you are free to make a choice, then why can’t you go for the positive one rather than the negative one that will tear your apart. Believe me, the power lives in you. The power to baptise every situation in your life. The baptismal name all depends on you. And the names you give them, these they will be in your subconscious mind and reflect in your real life. I am not obliged to be angry when you provoke me or when unpleasant things are happening in my life. Since I have the power to baptise them, then I can make a choice whether to be controlled by them or I been in control of them. I repeat, you are the cause of your problem. Think about it.



  1. It is easier said than done. It’s interesting reading through these lines, but then, extra effort is really needed. But that doesn’t mean we’ll be discouraged in making daily moves to achieve this.

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  2. I agree with you. But it will need a great deal of effort to make the right choice and deal with the situation the right way. thanks for sharing

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  3. This is very true and powerful message, I agree with you but it’s not an easy process at all, it needs lot of work and self-discipline but eventually this is the right way for sure 🙂 Thank you for sharing your experience as well

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