Joy of motherhood

Women are strong. They are bold and courageous. God made them in such a way that in them, His most hidden plans for humanity will be revealed. They have the heart of the Creator. In fact, they took after the Creator. Today we celebrate them in Nigeria as today marks Mothering Sunday. Mama, we love you and we pray that you live long to continue to eat the fruits of your labour.

The first day I saw her cried was like a film to me. “Mama why are you crying?” I asked her. “I tried many times but I didn’t succeed. They all wish I go to school, ” she told me. I didn’t understand what she was saying. A few days later, the true picture of the story was unveiled to me by my father. But today she is proud to have given birth to an engineer, a microbiologist, a priest, a linguistic, a public administrator, a biologist and a pharmacist, and a professional secretary. Her joy was completed in her children.