As we walked down the street of Bravetta Forte, admiration filled my mind. I so much admire how empty the streets are and how lonely the roads are. These during the day, masked a different identity. I acknowledged the security, goad roads, perfect infrastructures, constant electricity and water supply, and the wonderful people around.

But I see myself living in a world where you hardly find a soul walking along the street once or even before it is night. They are only found in nearby restaurants and in their cars driving to a destiantion best known to them. But from where I came from, the story is different.

I see myself in a world where people go to work by car and return home through the same means. They work hard to create out time just for a 20mins walk, which sometimes is difficult for them. But I came from a place where people; men and women, children and adults, young and old walked for kilometers each day as they struggle for a living. It pays them from the health point of view.

I live in a world where people have no choice but to eat all kinds of genetically modified food because for them, they are safer and the best even when they know the health implications that will occur in the future as a result of consuming such food. But I came from a place where nature has blessed the land with all kinds of plants, providing natural food for us. The last thing we can think about is to eat genetically modified food. Genetically modified food is nowhere to be found because nature has not given it the opportunity.

I live in a world where marriage is nothing to write home about. It has been reduced to dust. Its sacredness and value have been erased completely without leaving any trace behind. Dogs have taken the place of children. Dogs have taken the love meant for children and even human beings in general. But there are still people who love and care for others. There are still people who dream to marry and have children but societal pressure is high on them. But I came from a place where marriage is sometimes seen as an achievement in life, an edge over others who are not yet married. My people see marriage as something that should preoccupy the mind of every female at a certain age in life. They see marriage as a refuge centre. They see it as not only a sacrament but also as a sacrilege when it is not properly lived as instructed by their Christian faith and doctrine.

I live in a world where the number of old people outnumbered that of the young. I keep asking myself if I am the only one who worries about this and what it will bring in the near future. The child-parental conflict is high due to generational gap or difference. Many fear the pain of childbirth as if they fell down from the sky. Many fear the bondage and loneliness in matrimonial life in their reality of their world. Many deemed it not necessary to marry. Many see marriage as a waste of time and energy. But I came from a place where children are seen as a blessing from God, so they can have as many as possible. A place where the number of young people outnumbered that of the old. And the old are very comfortable about it because they see it as a blessing from God; the children should bury their parents and not the other way round.

I live in a world where every illness is seen as a mental one. We all smiles but no inner peace. We have all what we desire but there is something still lacking in our mind, a space which the joy of matrerial things can’t fill. We look joyfully, but deep in us frustration masked our minds. We are all seen as people having mental illness. But from where I came from … you know it already friends. Complete the sentence for me.


5 thoughts on “IF I FORGET YOU. . .”

  1. Africa may be viewed as underdeveloped but still remains one of the continents in the world that respects culture, heritage and elders of the land. Am ever proud to an African

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