Crying is an act that many are still thinking that it is meant for the children, the cowards and the weak people especially women. They may be right anyway. We can’t totally reject their conviction. Crying is a human act that involves the shedding of tears, which can be an expression or manifestation of emotion, distress, pain, or anguish. It can be triggered by many different emotions.

The title of my write up might look bizarre to you. “When last did you cry?” Your reply might be, “Why should I cry?” I am telling you that you have to cry. I am not forcing you to cry, but just inviting you to the “Crying Club.” I have encountered many persons in life, that their best way to fight emotional stress is through crying. My younger sister is not an exception. Maybe, she learned it from her mother. According to them, whenever they are emotionally down, they just had to look for a lonely place where they could be alone and there they could sit and cry. And after, they would be fine. A friend once told me that after crying, she would feel as if she has been reenergised; filled with new strength, courage, force, and her mind would be relaxed.

When we cry, we shed tears. There are three types of tears; continuous tears, emotional tears, and reflex tears. These tears contain toxins and stress hormones and debris. From these three elements, we can see the beneficial aspect of crying.  The best way to fight emotional stress is through crying.

I would also like to point out the spiritual aspect of this act. When I pray, there is a level of spirituality I will attain, I will see myself crying without consciously causing it. From my own experience, such prayers have been always answered.

When the urge to cry comes, don’t resist it, just cry. When you are emotionally down, cry it off and you will be fine. Could you now tell me when was the last time you cried?  

Published by Chinedu ikechukwu

A writer, a teacher and a comedian.

8 thoughts on “WHEN LAST DID YOU CRY?

  1. P.s I am trying to attend daily mass (Roman Catholic) for lent so am placing extra demands on myself. Really getting a lot out of this spiritual practice but somehow I allow external things bother me

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  2. About 3 hours ago after returning from the doctors. Thank God no major health problem but something I wanted to discuss.
    Really get wound up if ever have to see a Dr. I suppose I find it hard to be on the receiving end of medical care as I was a nurse, midwife & Health Visitor. Always feel stupid & feel dr thinks I am making it up but dependant on who dr is.

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  3. I often do cry, when I pray. it’s not planned; the tears just flow. and just like in your case, I have this conviction that my prayers are answered. but I just learnt that shedding tears is a healthy art…

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