It has never been a crime to celebrate or elevate a person because we live in a world that is like that. Defining my encounter with you have left me in a total state of confusion and unhappiness. I vividly remembered the day I met you. Moving down the steps, you passed beside me and said, “Good morning.” I never responded. You did the same thing for the second time, and then I responded. The first experience wasn’t my fault but was as a result of your voice, which just whispered the greeting to the air around and not to me. From that day, my love for you started developing its roots.

I did everything to prove my love for you. We both toiled day and night to make our love be what we wanted it to be. We struggled to make ends meet because riches were not in that state that brought us together. I loved your smile, your face, your words, your fantastic way of handling issues, and your longing for me. But in the midst of all these I sensed a strange thing, a dark cloud hovering round you which words wouldn’t explain. My love for you was still strong and sincere. My mind gave me millions of reasons to abandon you, but my instincts gave me one reason to remain with you. Time flew like a swift when we were together and I always wished for them to be replayed. But nature can’t function that way.

The dark cloud in you made collaboration between us to be difficult. My thoughts were hunting me, telling me I was wrong in the first place to love you without calculating. But my instincts persisted that I shouldn’t give up. The fight was now between my thoughts and my instincts all in the wrestling room of my mind. The dark cloud gave birth to another destroyer, insecurity. You started feeling unsecured with me. Many times I asked you for explanation of certain behaviours manifesting in you, but you waved them off. I allowed things to be that way just for peace to reign and for the flame of our love to keep burning. Your quest for ego gratification and security outside me burnt my entire happiness and love for you. You left without saying goodbye. The emptiness you left in me has never been filled and I would never be filled until your return.

My love, I would like you to know that wherever you are now reading this, know that the ashes of our love is still alive and evergreen. The fire didn’t destroy it. But only transformed it, changing it but not changing its substance. I will keep the ashes until the very day I will find you again, hopefully someday, somewhere at Imago Plaza.



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